Help Us Develop Our Doorbell Camera!

Wyze does that already.

That’s good. As long as it works when someone presses the Wyze doorbell, once it comes out. I don’t really need announcements just for people walking by.

I’m sure my family is already tired of all the stuff I have Alexa saying through Echo Speaks and Bigtalker 2 through Smartthings.

Yeah I’ve gotten a few complaints about the new PD announcements. I don’t care. I love them. And @WyzeFrederik just revealed it works with routines too!

I’ll put in my vote for a peephole camera. My Wyze Pan Cam is mounted above the front door to deter theft of the device. It is too high to get a good look at visitors faces. Peephole camera would be ideal. I also have a driveway Wyze Pan Cam so want to stay in the Wyze family. Peephole cam please!!!

You cannot have good quality two way conversation with peephole.
also Wyze needs internet, it will take a minute to yurn on your handset andwyze app to see.

Why? Some of the assembly can hang under the opening, no?

My opinions is based on current V2 Speaker performance as well as Wyze does not design its own hardware.

Wyze App is a bit slow to get real time sometimes. " loading 1,2,3. They have bet too much on server services. Going to have traffic jams when you try to cramp everything to the server

I already have a wired doorbell so that suits my needs better, however I know of other doorbell cameras that offer both wired and battery. I would like on board sd card storage. Smart home capabilities. Video call phone when doorbell is pressed.

I’ve tried another video doorbell that gives me a notification every time a car comes down the street because the headlights hit the camera. pretty annoying. If anyone could find a way to avoid that, it would be the @WyzeTeam

Yes! I would like to echo kalopezinohio. Please add an SD card for storage. Also, a wireless version for those who can’t hardwire in their doorbell, an IR feature for low light, wide angle lens and a choice of alert tones. I can’t decide on either consumer replaceable batteries or a Lithium Ion battery pack, whichever would be cheaper. At the moment I can’t think of any other features I would need. I can’t wait to be an early backer on this one. My front door only has a Wyze Cam v2 mounted above it.

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I second peephole mount/attachment for existing wyze cams. Would like better than mounting outside over door in plain view.