Help Us Develop Our Doorbell Camera!

Thank you for this update!


You’re welcome! :slight_smile:

When is this available?

We don’t know yet but we’re making progress. :slight_smile:


I hope you take into consideration the other thread:

quite a few are interested in a peep-hole camera that would essentially attach a Wyze Camera to the existing peep hole in the door. Many if not most apartment/condo dwellers are not able to put a door bell on the exterior due to landlord/home owners associations. The competitions products are absolute crapola, wyze can solve this!!!


It would be great if when the doorbell is pressed the video automatically shows on the echo show


I joined these forums because of this product.
I do have a Cam V2 and I appreciate the beta firmware with RTSP support.
I hope that there is something similar coming for the doorbell cam.
The Eufy Video Doorbell was previously at the top of my list.

Edit: My wired doorbell is also on the side, hopefully if the camera can’t be adjusted then there is an angled mount accessory.

Biggest design consideration - make it look like a doorbell! So many of the others make it hard to figure out which dot is the camera and which is the button. The camera lens should be invisible. All a visitor should see is a button ready to press. No decisions or hesitation.

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add option to email alert or ring.

Personally I doubt email will be an option. It requires an additional server and related admin, plus a lot of firewall attendance to be sure it doesn’t get hacked. Plus not everyone uses push for email, some might only check on a time basis or manually. Too unreliable imho. Push alerts via the notification system should be near instantaneous. Maybe with ifttt, you could create a routine to send an email, haven’t tried it yet so not sure of it’s capabilities.

Our existing wired doorbell is on the wall to the left of the door. In otherword it does not face the front street. Either make an adapter to adjust the angle of the doorbell to face forward or have the option in the base unit to swivel the camera itself facing a different angle. I would rather have that ability buit into the base unit. Ring uses an adapter and it looks funky.

One issue faced with rotating the lens assembly, which was pointed out when I mentioned a benefit for me to rotate the V2 lens 90deg, is the internal space and wiring of the lens/sensor assembly and it’s attachments to the main board. Plus the water sealing for the doorbell unit. Hard to know what wyze will figure out but I doubt you’ll see a rotating or adjustable lens.

I just stumbled on this after having a lot of trouble with the Amcrest doorbell I currently have and the Ring Pro I had previously. One feature that I would really like is the ability to include the doorbell video into my Synology Surveillance Station cameras. That would give me yet another view of my property and the ability to record motion events locally. I can do this with the Amcrest, but it then loses the ability to be used with Alexa as live view no longer works. I could do it all with the Synology, but it needs https to do two-way voice and the Amcrest doorbell does not provide an https connection. I have a friend that raves about his Wyze cameras, so i very interested to so what the Wyze doorbell will be capable of.

This could be easily solved with a couple wedge shaped mounting bases that you install under the device. Provide a 30 deg. and a 15 deg. wedge that can be stacked to give three different angles 15, 30, & 45. Or maybe one 20 and one 40 for 20, 40, aqnd 60 deg angles.

Actually it wouldn’t be difficult to make these on your own from wood, but a nice piece of color-coordinated plastic would go far to increase sales and not add much to production cost.

Wedges can be a big help for some and I’ve seen certain locations that really would be very limited if not for a wedge. But in my case the contractor for all 460 homes here for whatever reason placed the db on side wall which is fine, but too far forward toward the approaching walkway, which is not so fine. I’ve tried some with less than stellar results. A cam at the doorbell location has to be able to pickup people as soon as they enter left edge of frame while it only sees profiles walking past it toward the front door. Plus it should be able to see the door area to its right and the landing area where packages are placed. So a db cam has to have very fast detection and human profile detection especially for those wearing masks or hoodies that obscure the face. If I were to wedge the cam even slightly forward toward the entry walkway, it would see people approaching better, but then it will not see the front door area where people stand or the landing area near the door where packages are left. If I were to wedge it toward the door, it will miss delivery people who stand back and toss the package on the landing. My only hope is if wyze can come up with a very quick detection method and an ability to detect humans not just faces.

Don’t know if it’s been mentioned, but I would like to see the doorbell battery powered.

Why follow the leaders. You need to make a peephole camera.
Huge dollars will be yours.

We are looking into a battery-powered doorbell camera but the first one will be wired. I haven’t heard of a peephole camera in the works yet.


Peep holes make no sense… I wouldn’t move in that direction. It end up being battery powered and you have to check it at the door. Some are WiFi cable but it feels useless to use that. Either get a google or Alexa that’s set up with the doorbell. My opinion obviously

I agree. That’s one reason I like the Nest Hello. It not only tells you someone is at the door through Google, but can also tell you who it is at the door. I know Wyze won’t have facial recognition, but it would be nice to have either Google or Alexa announce someone is at the door. I prefer that to a chime.