Help Us Develop Our Doorbell Camera!

Yup border is 20mins away. I can send you the US shipping address if you want. Cheers.

Make sure you filled it into the general application. :slight_smile:


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Have to say I am excited about this for a few reasons,

I thought the timing was much further down the road as the Wyze lock just came out and the outdoor camera I believe is close to release

I just tried out a cheap knock off video door bell camera to test and it was terrible;

  1. Wi-Fi connection was unstable, would disconnect regularly (not network related as one of my Wyze cam’s is close by, on the same network and works perfectly)
  2. Night vision was very poor almost went completely dark
  3. Angle of the camera was poor as when people were at the front door, I couldn’t see them
  4. Too long of a notification delay after someone rang the doorbell…when I checked the camera they were already gone
  5. Motion detection was poor/slow even at it most sensitive setting, sometimes not picking up people walking to the door
  6. Most video clips are too late only showing people already at the door (not sure how to describe how Wyze does it but it backs up before detection so it captures the entire action)

Made me appreciate how good Wyze is!

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So excited for this! Love how Wyze is expanding their product line. The doorbell space is a game changer. Smart doorbell with local storage backed by great software, great hardware, and even better support and community = winner. Nest Hello is the best doorbell out there, and like Ring, handcuffs you to cloud storage and subscription fees - without a choice for local! Just give consumers the option… there is market and money to be made for both. I’ve applied and hope to get my hands on one for testing. Anything to help out!

Also my number one want and reason why I love Wyze products:

  1. Simple, low cost products that just work.

Wyze doorbell should work just like the cams but with a doorbell. That’s it. Things can scale from there.


Alright! I just sent out emails to everyone who was selected for this hardware test. Thanks for the interest, everyone! If you did not receive an email from our hardware email address, you were not selected. Most people that fall into this boat weren’t selected because they didn’t fill out the general application ( Alpha/Beta Product Testing Intake Form) before the end of the day although there are some folks that didn’t fit all of the necessary qualifications.

We look forward to working with all of you! :slight_smile:


Ahhh man, I missed the boat to be a tester… I signed up anyway, if there happens to be a miracle, and you need more people… I’m very excited and refrained on many doorbell deals on Black Friday because I’m waiting patiently for a Wyze doorbell cam…


Survey taken; thanks #WyzeGwendolyn. I’ve just “test-drove” two video door bells (I have an original hardwired chime bell with 18 VAC transformer that came with the house):

  1. SimplySafe: easy installation, very good picture, BUT USELESS (to me) without the (a) system monitoring subscription ($14.99/mo +) or (b) cloud-based video storage subscription ($4.99/mo +).
  2. Remo+ “S” model: nice design, 3 options of install (no chime, mechanical chimes, and digital chime). Started with existing mechanical chime, adding (included) power kit: couldn’t get Remo’s Bluetooth to detect on two different devices. Switched to no-chime option (bypassing the existing house chime): same thing. Called TechSupport around 2 pm their time (Pacific), only could leave the message, haven’t heard back. Triple-checked the wiring, measured transformer output (18.8 VAC): all correct. Disconnected/reconnected, uninstalled/re-installed the app: same thing. It did connect to the WiFi router OK, but never established the Bluetooth to the cell phone/alternative device for whatever reason.
    Returning both.
  • Make it simple like SimplySafe, but add the micro-SD slot like in the WyzeCam for ability to retrieve the recorded footage (remotely).
  • Make it narrow: many of us here, in the South, have a storm doors: Remo+ barely “made it”.
  • Personally, I’d rather see it hardwired (or at least, have it as an option). Draw the existing bell’s power: small size, “juice” for micro-SD recording and two-way comms.
  • Take my money: I’m ready :wink:

Hi I was wondering if what the progress was on the Doorbell Camera?
I’ve been holding off but may take the plunge with another brand depending on how far Wyze is in development?

Think it’s being tested, no info on release date that I’ve seen anywhere yet. Hopefully not too far off.

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We just started testing it so I can’t give you a release date yet.


That great news!


Please make sure the camera can be adjusted for both front and side viewing. My doorbell is located on a side wall not on the same wall as the door, so I need the camera to able to rotate 90 degrees to capture someone walking up to the door. I’m a buyer as soon as it comes out.

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I don’t get sent test units any more :((

I also have a concern about device width. I’d like to place a door bell over the wiring hole already servicing my current door bell but the maximum width of that space is 2". It’s an extruded aluminum entryway frame and if I can’t mount on that I’m looking at drilling through a limestone pillar. And covering up the hole left by the old bell.


I don’t think you’ll have to worry with 2”. Even the V2 Cam housing is barely 2” wide. I’d guess they will try to keep a narrow profile in mind since so many existing doorbell buttons have a narrow profile on narrow door trim. Plus size seems to be frequent complaint of other brands.


I live in an apartment and my main reason for using Wyze is that it’s affordable and intuitive.

I would like for the door bell camera to let me plug it in using a C type charger like the other cams with battery backup. I am ok with running a cable under my door and up the door frame using cable hooks. I don’t have existing doorbell wiring.

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Most house doorbells run off a 16-24v AC transformer. There are plug-in versions which are generally no bigger than a USB charger. So if it ends up being designed for typical houses, you can still run power basically exactly the same way.

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While I understand that the team is rightfully focused on the return of the person detection feature that your previous supplier ripped away from you like a politician stealing candy from a baby, it has been a few weeks since we’ve had an official update on the status of your doorbell trails and research. I, like many others, really want to ditch any competing products and fully submerge ourselves in the “goodness” of the Wyze universe, but the lack of a doorbell makes that difficult for many.

Any updates on the testing and guess-timates on when it will be ready for market would be greatly appreciated.

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We aren’t going to be sharing much information publicly for a while. Right now, the doorbell is around an alpha level stage. There is plenty of work to do and we’re very excited about it but we aren’t giving timelines at this point. :slight_smile: