Help Us Develop Our Doorbell Camera!

That’s probably because nearly every video camera sensor is 16:9. Rotating it 90 degrees would make it 9:16. (portrait mode instead of landscape mode) To avoid that, the camera would either need a square sensor that simply crops out the unused pixels or the sensor itself would need to rotate. If there’s a camera that does this, I’m not aware of it.

Oh, I just realized I misunderstood what you were talking about. I thought you were talking about rotating the resulting video, but you’re talking about making it possible to aim the camera independently from the doorbell. I agree it’s a good idea. Is there any doorbell that does this? It seems like the best way to do this would just to have a camera module that’s wireless and separate from the button.

It could be done if the housing/electronics allows a flex connection of sensor board to main board. I would guess most are flat stiff cables or directly soldered.

My workaround with the V2 cam is to simply mount it sideways - like turning a dslr to get a portrait view. It defeats person detection 99.99% of the time but at least I get the necessary vertical coverage of our front landing and entry area placing the cam on a shelf in the sidelight window looking out. I haven’t tried using the sound notification to determine if it will hear the doorbell since in my case huge bell location is not close enough to the front door. It’s not the perfect solution but at least I can view both the faces of those approaching the door and still see the landing floor where packages are placed.

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At a recent trip to best buy and review of all the cameras - Nest, Ring, Arlo etc, it seems that having a camera head that rotates would be a nice feature - I had to place the camera inside the house because no other option would work. Please look into this. I am a buyer. and for all those homes with a doorbell on the side - this solves the problem.

As a new Doorbell camera owner I would like to add a little insight that the Survey does not touch enough basis on 1.) I have a ring Video Doorbell Pro, it is hard wired into my existing doorbell wiring and uses my existing analog chime, both of which are great features and it works with my echo show 5. 2.) I wish my doorbell had a pan and tilt feature, it came with 2 wedges to adjust angle up or down and left or right but it is Fixed mounted, 3.) A must!!! Expandable Memory card slot as with all Wyze cams it is an awesome feature that I love, 4.) make one universal unit that has both battery and hardwired so people who choose hardwired can have a battery back up in power outages hence the need for an sd card slot, and those who cant have hard wired have a lithium battery cell built in that either A.) gets plugged in and charged, removable or not, or B.) has a solar charger to keep the battery charged, 5.) make it weatherproof and consider adding it to the existing line of cams or make motion light cams or outdoor light cam attachments. 6.) make it available with interchangeable face plates and keep up the great work with the AI

Apologies I was posting comments about a proposed video doorbell in the outdoor camera thread.

So having said that can someone From Wyze post any update on where this is at?


  1. Compact
  2. Strong Construction
  3. Weather AND Cold resistant (-30F in MN)
  4. Multiple Color Options
  5. HD & good Night Vision
  6. Under $90 preferred
  7. EZ install, Sync & Link w all devices & hubs–original electric door chime
  8. Clear 2-way talk/listen
  9. Night Button Light w “PRESS” lit up & ez daytime readability bc some folks need basic instructions
  10. Close proximity night bright white light shining from sides when person within 10’ for security & seeing assistance
  11. Ability to choose exterior doorbell chime sound & possible customize w brief verbal recordings like: 'Welcome to the Simpson’s Home"
  12. Fast smartphone alerts for real time viewing
  13. Cold/weather proof SD card in secure mount (so it won’t get stolen
  14. More than 12 seconds cloud recording (same for all cams too, please)
  15. Have powered AND unpowered within same device w original house powered being able to keep back-up batteries charged & EZ fast recharging for unpowered uses…
    I’ll think of more I’m sure :smiley:

I currently use Ring, but the subscription is expiring. Arkansas is a largely rural state where there are large areas that do not have internet (or even cell service!) or if you have service, very slow or very expensive (satellite). One of the strongest advantages of Wyze is being able to control the resolution. Ring is fixed at 1080p and due to that, someone can ring the doorbell, wait, give up, and leave before it signals me and I can see video. The Wyze cams enable me to detect someone at the door much more efficiently and I hope they remember the ability to lower the resolution for those in poor internet service area. I can get about 6mb download and average about 400kb upload. Upload is hardly enough for 1080p and I’ve even caught the upload speed at the old 56k dialup speeds. Pitiful, isn’t it. You have a great product, and I’m looking forward to the doorbell. Any ideas on possible release dates? It’s almost Christmas now, so hopefully soon. Thanks for a great product! I’ve been very happy with my Wyzecams!

I live in Southern California and have semi-decent cable internet (300 Mbps download and 30 Mbps upload). This is how Ring behaves for me as well. It can take ‘forever’ to get notifications and to activate the video. Alexa seems to get the notifications instantly but can’t view video on a Dot. My iPhone takes forever. Usually, I have opened the door and talked to the person before I get a notification on my iPhone.

We have a first gen Ring and I could never bring myself to upgrade because it leaves a LOT to be desired and even the more current models never improved anything we have found lacking.

1: Camera quality. Only ONE camera on the market offers higher resolution than 1080p, and it’s a 2K resolution. Resolution matters! Please use 2K at a minimum, preferably 4K.

2: Hardwired for power, WiFi for connectivity. An add on transformer for the existing chime is fine, but battery power pack should be an add on for those who cannot modify their structure or do not have wiring. The Ring Elite has CAT5 but most people do not unless they have a higher end home. Adding a CAT5 module should be inexpensive if you wanted to, but having both would make this the most flexible doorbell on the market.

3: Package Monitoring. Yes, this is probably the biggest feature people appreciate. Especially people like me, who are bedbound and rely on deliveries to live their life. A second package camera with wide angle or even fisheye to catch packages left leaning against the door frame? Stellar.

4: Handshake! Ring is AWFUL in this regard. They even released a new app to circumvent their terrible handshake. It’s still too slow to catch a doorbell ring/visitor/delivery with signature required. Why even have a doorbell if your handshake is so slow you can’t even answer? There’s no point if you cannot make this the fastest connecting doorbell out there. Eufy seems to have nailed the speed quite well, can Wyze top it?

5: Automated responses - customized recordings - a minimum of 5! “Hi! Is a signature required?” “I am tied up right now, can’t come to the door” “Please leave it by the garage” “No solicitation please! Take us off your list!” Etc. These are VERY helpful as sometimes you may not be home. A pre-recorded message can make it sound like you’re home instead of sending background noise etc to alert them you may not be home. This is a very intelligent security feature!

6: Customizable sounds for motion/rings on both the phone and external chimes! When the Ring commercials play, my dogs still lose their ever loving minds- and we haven’t used that noise in over two years. Please provide many options! Dog lovers everywhere will thank you!

7: Plug In chimes- as many as you want. My bedroom is nowhere near the door. I also live in a wind tunnel with all my fans and would never hear the doorbell. If my phone is muted, I also would not hear it. Can you please offer an unlimited number of paired chimes? Plug in, plus potentially a wired base station which could be used for 2 way audio and placed on a nightstand? Alexa integration for those who use a virtual assistant, to use 2 way audio through their Echo or Dot or Spot would be awesome!

8: Add on camera capability! I would love to pair a Wyze cam with my doorbell! So I could add 2-3 camera feeds when someone rings the door bell and I open the app. It would give me a few views. Especially good for those with larger properties. I could choose my driveway camera, another porch camera from behind the visitor, a package camera, etc. This might solve the 2-camera doorbell suggestion I made above. It would allow a 360 porch view so a visitors face could be captured both coming and going.

Wyze Lock integration. When someone activates the lock, the doorbell pairs a video to the lock activity. So you don’t have to search for a specific time and date and cross reference two different devices. It’s a silly thing but ultimately a small amount of programming within the app would go the extra mile for the end user.

I am an early adopter and have always been with tech. To say it’s surprising I have not wanted to upgrade my first gen Ring should say that manufacturers and developers have not been doing enough for innovation. There are so many things they’ve focused on that haven’t improved the end user’s experience. For me, I cannot just get up and answer the door. I am bedridden. Having a dead reliable doorbell, that works FAST, and has security features like I’ve detailed above is paramount. Most people can just check their door by getting up and heading to the front. Not me. My 2 way audio and video gives me peace of mind that it’s not a home invasion, and that I won’t miss a signature required package because the person waited all of ten seconds before giving up.

I love your products and can’t wait to see what you do for doorbells!

Welcome to the community brittany741.

Those are some excellent suggestions, thanks.

Hi, everyone!

We’re starting up testing for a wired doorbell camera! We wanted to make sure that you all had the opportunity to join in if you wanted. The hardware is limited so filling out the form is NOT a guarantee that you will be selected for this test cycle.

Here are the requirements to qualify:

  • Located in the US
  • Have a wired doorbell at your home
  • Willing to install our doorbell at your home
  • Available for testing from December 30th - January 30th
  • Able and willing to work with a Facebook group
  • Will not disclose information to people outside of the testing program

And while it isn’t a requirement, preference will go to folks that have owned doorbell cameras in the past.

We’ll continue taking applicants through this form until the end of the day on Monday or all of the spots are filled. If the test cycle isn’t full on Monday, we’ll pull from the general hardware testing application for the rest of the available spots.



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Applied. Never had one but I’m retired and home regularly so got time to fiddle. My doorbell has 24v AC - most common but probably should be an added question.

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I asked for hardware requirements and that wasn’t brought up so I THINK we’re set on that front. Thanks for mentioning the consideration! :slight_smile:

Friggin yes!!!

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Please pick me! I’ve wanted this product for sooooooo long.

-Austin Pratt

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Need lol

I replied and completed the form. However I live in Vancouver BC, so don’t know if you would consider me. I live close to the border and have a US mailbox so you can ship there and I can pick it up if that helps. I have purchased two Cam V2 directly from you and had them shipped there. (just sending back a cheap knock off vid camera I tied off Amazon it is terrible)

If your general application has a Canadian address, you won’t be selected. However, as long as you can quickly get to the hardware, we should be set. :slight_smile:

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