Help Needed for Troubleshooting Connectivity Issue

Welcome to the community, @hippie1. The community might be able to assist you if you provide more details with the problem you’re having. Also, have you submitted a support request to Wyze, including logs from the app?

(Keep in mind that this forum is primarily a user to user community. If you don’t get a helpful reply here, please file a Support Request. You can also submit a request from within the Wyze app by going to Account > Help & Feedback > Report an Issue. The latter method will allow you to include an app log for diagnosis.)


Among other things we need App version, camera type, device (phone, tablet, ??), OS and OS version, amount of root memory available on device to be able to help, version of the App .
Also where bought (Wyze, Amazon, Ebay, Home Depot, etc). Do you have an SD card?
And finally at least tell us what operation is causing it to crash?

I have given all that info to Wyze multiple times. Check with the last 2 reps that didn’t help, just wanted the that good revue. Not going through all that again.

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Sounds like my experience. Gave them all the info/details a couple of times and not solution. Gave up and asked for an RMA and mailing label. That took a couple of tries. Finally they emailed me telling me to send it back using the attached label. Except no attachment. I had to contact them again and finally it was sent. The cams are on their way back.
I think Wyze has a lot of problems and they are scrambling try to understand them. They make nice videos but that is a product of their ad agency. They seem to be lacking the technology expertise.

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Once again

We don’t work for Wyze. It’s the WEEKEND and most of Wyze has weekends off. If you don’t want to provide the info don’t expect much help in this forum


Hippe1 and johnleinn
That is also why i posted here in forum
No assistance at all through “Ticket”
multiple attempts… Zero

When users reply back Crying that this is a user to user forum, ((sniff sniff)) they don’t “think” that an actual Wyze employee is here or scans these forums… Gwendolyn for one…

Don’t let these “i have more replys” people discourage you… Keep talking… Let it out…

Answer this question for me, i will try to assist
Have you been through the settings of cam?
Advanced and Storage?
Where did SDcard come from?
Format the card in Cam?

i have detected batches of cams W/sdcard have a write i/o error, where did sdcard come from?

No - We know Wyze employees scan these forums. We also know they take weekends and vacations off.
The comment

seems to violate community guidelines.
johnlein has sent his cameras back.

seems exasperated.

are valid questions but if the poster is not giving info they need to message (or wait for ) @WyzeGwendolyn or someone in her capacity.


Have been waiting on Wyze for a couple weeks now, Cams are going back to the store. Thanks for the help.

I beg to differ on the Wyze Support, I received a response within 24 hours of submitting a ticket (less than that actually), and they would continue to respond back to me until the issue was resolved, I sent my request on Sept 30th and received a response on Oct 1st. I disagree with it being weeks without a response.

Edit: And my issue was resolved.

Just because it did not happen to you does not mean it did not happen to hippie1. “Differ”? No differ! Just different experience. I had similar experience as hippie1. No solution from support other than to restart the app which did not resolve the issue… After a week I sent it back. Like getting into a new car, start it, back it out but will not go forward. “Ship it we’ll rev it.” Waiting for a rev, maybe?

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Wyze wants feedback on the experience customers have with their support requests, because they want to improve it. Everyone’s input here is important, so please don’t dismiss someone else’s experience because it doesn’t match yours. :slight_smile:


Weird things happen in real life. The response may have ended up in Spam or Junk folder, Support may have inadvertently not replied or accidentally deleted the original email, who knows.

But Wyze wants to know if your experience was not up to snuff so please do let them know. Perhaps try the “Chat” option? Either way I am sorry to hear you have not received a satisfactory response please let us know how to help.


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Seem like the camera was running on your cell data not wifi. Rebooting the router at the cottage might fix your issue.

Sorry for my delay! I was out of the state and I’m working on catching up.

I sent the feedback about the poor support experiences to the support team head so he can address this with the team. It would be helpful for me if I could have support ticket numbers to give him specific examples.

For the information that was posted here, while I AM a Wyze employee and have access to the support center, I have trouble finding tickets from community members without ticket numbers. This is especially tricky with the forum, Twitter, or Reddit where people may be using usernames that aren’t similar to the name they use in the support center.

If anyone is still encountering trouble and is wanting to continue troubleshooting, please let me know and I can bring attention to your ticket. Our volunteers and the other community members here have been awesome but we don’t have the same tools or access to information as the support team does (I haven’t been able to keep up with every aspect of troubleshooting for a while). I can escalate tickets for folks, though. :slight_smile: