Help Needed for Troubleshooting Connectivity Issue



No, the problem was resolved by fixing my neighbor’s WiFi :slight_smile:


Hi… I’m also a beta tester and just wanted to comment on the 90 problem. I get it all the time, which is a problem since I live a hundred miles away from the house… I also notice my version 1 camera, which is (literally) right next to my version 2 camera(I take beta seriously :slight_smile: ) doesn’t crap out anywhere near as often.
Since I have centurylink as an ISP I have frequent droppages so I get 90’s all the time & would really like to not have to but smartplugs for 3 cameras… so I propose a solution… why not have an auto reset, user selected, option? Every 24 hours, or whatever, the unit does a POC automatically. The odds of missing something are much less than just having a dead camera sitting there and it, should be, easy to implement and use little in the resource area. The pan, though I love it , is sooooo sensitive thats its almost unusable up there so I’ll back it up with good ol ver 1… thanks for a great product… looking forward to outdoors…