Help Needed for Troubleshooting Connectivity Issue

Just FYI - I can access my home cam using LTE - US Cellular on my android phone, full playback functionality and live view.

I cannot access the cam while the phone is on WiFi - except while on same network at home. My iOS devices cannot access while on WiFi or Verizon LTE. All devices iOS and Android receive event notifications and 12 sec video clips on WiFi and both cellular networks.

I’m having the same issue with my Wyze v2. It keeps resetting and doesnt connect anymore. It started out with spotty recording the the sd card and drop outs and now it just doesnt respond at all. Ive reset it several times with new firmware. It will work sometimes after setting up but then stops working. I emailed support months ago with several back and forth as well as being passed off to different people multiple times. Everntually i stopped getting response emails and tried to figure it out myself switching routers, resetting the camera, using the rtsp firmware, etc. etc. If a mod can get me some help it would be appreciated.

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I use a WiFi extender to get a stronger signal to the camera and it seems to work. I believe the cameras are 2.4 ghz only so they may be affected by competing WiFi signals and even microwave ovens. My extender connects to the camera at 2.4 ghz but connects to my main router attached to the cable modem at 5 ghz where there is less interference.

I just sent you a DM to troubleshoot the problem with you but could you flash your camera firmware back to


Hi there, I am having this same issue with my Wyze Cam v2’s not able to live stream when my device is connected to the mobile network. They work fine on the WiFi network when Im home. They seem to connect initially, then the kb/s gradually drops to 0kb/s over 5-10 seconds. Can anyone had the same issue that can assist with this problem? I wondered if it might be a QoS setting possibly? Thanks for the help.

Have you done the troubleshooting here?

My first question would be what is your outbound upload speed (you can use to find out).

What would be a practical minimal upload speed for viewing 1 cam at a time?

Connectivity Requirements: Upload speed 1.0 Mbps for SD and 1.5 Mbps for HD

Which can be found in the detailed specs at the bottom of this page:

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I wasn’t asking for the specs but what is practical - I’m billed for a 1 Mbps upload speed but frequently only get 0.7, yet I’ve had no problem watching my cams from outside my network.
Does anyone have numbers on real world experience at the lower speeds?

HI Loki. Thanks for the reply. The speediest came back with an upload speed of about 18.5Mbps which is obviously more than enough to manage the HD upload. I preformed a reboot of the router and it seems to have rectified the issue for the moment. Hopefully I don’t have any more issues. Thanks again.

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I’m a bit confused by the wording of your question, but let me give it a shot.
If the cam is within range of your wifi it should connect without regard to where the lens is pointed. The window, depending on its lighting, composition, contents,etc.might affect the view. If the cam is on the other side of the window from the router the same window factors could affect the connectivity.
Hope this helped and feel free to follow up with any more questions!

This is a user to user forum. All the people that responded to you are users just like you. We don’t work for Wyze we are just volunteering our time and help. As such there are no tickets here just forum posts.

If you want you are definitely welcome to and encouraged to open a real ticket with Wyze support. Then you will be dealing with the super nice folks that work for Wyze. You can open a ticket here:


I’ll pull my logs later. Typically a day doesn’t pass where I don’t have connectivity issues. Either cams go 1/3 when connecting, or show connected yet are frozen based on the timestamp and nothing moving. I usually have to restart at least one everyday, I’d love to help make these cameras more stable. :slight_smile:

No issues here. Though I wish the thumbnails were live rather than screenshot.

Not an issue for me, I basically use my iPhone as a 24/7 stream because I don’t really need it and I like keeping an eye on the cams. Unfortunate for my battery tho… :\ Hoping we get some type of web ui thats more integrated (I have RTSP on one cam, just too lazy to set up the other two lol).

Hi @Razr. I used to have problems exactly like that until I switched my router and changed the channel I broadcast on. The original was a combination router/modem from my ISP which had all sorts of problems as I had more devices on it. I switched to a TP-link 1750 and put Open-WRT. After that I’ve had no more problems.

As of recently it hasn’t been that bad, hopefully it stays that way. I am having a weird audio interference only on two cameras, but I have no clue whats causing it.

After buying a mesh system (Tp link deco) I think things have improved. I can’t set a channel manually on the Deco, and I don’t think I would want to. I live in a neighborhood and the houses are very close, I can see ten other networks at least, near me. So it’s kinda important for my router to be on a channel separate from everyone else. :stuck_out_tongue:

Run the test app

Sometimes support will have you run an app that they use to analyze your network , it is called Route This Helps

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My Pan cam keeps getting the -90 error but my v2 is just fine. In the last 48 hours, the camera is offline for the majority of the day and night.