Help name this new Wyze Band theme

We are all inspired by the coming Space X launch and our designer created some Clock Face images for this occasion.

But we cannot really name this theme Space X. :sweat_smile:

So it will be up to you, our EA backers, to name it! Please post your proposed name here and like names others proposed by clicking the heart icon if you like them.

We’ll close this by May 30th. We’re going to aim for one that is very popular but may not go with the most popular submission depending on the situation. Please keep suggestions family-friendly and on-topic.

Thank you!


I really like those “Wyze-i-verse” themes. :grin:

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“I’m with the government and we need help”

You’re already fine, because you keep saying “Space X” and the company is called SpaceX, with no… space.

If you want something subtle and stylish, I suggest “elan”.

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How about “XSpace”

nexxt step

Wyze-Time Continuum

Well apparently they picked their own and just used NASA’s caption (Launch America) which I always found kind of doofy for some reason. Ah well.

Big Band Theory

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In honor of the first commercial manned mission to the ISS: “Endeavor”.

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How about Phil

Can anyone create an analog face. Us old guys are losing our eye site. Analog is much easier to glance at. Thanks


Like astronauts.


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