Help mounting outside under eaves without drilling holes

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I’ve seen this video before. It’s pretty good. However, on my install, I had to make a hole in the soffit in order to route the USB cable into the attic. I’m currently trying to find ways to close the hole in the soffit as well as connecting the camera to a power source in the attic.

Can anyone provide information, link, video, pics of how they were able to power the came in their attic? I don’t have any outlets in the attic to plug in the camera. I’d like to hire an electrician to install outlets in the attic to power the cameras (I’d need 4 outlets in the attic). Maybe there is a simpler, less costly option I am not aware of. Please advise.

If I understand correctly, you want to seal the hole that your cable is going through. I would use a rubber grommet on the cable that can be squeezed into the hole in the soffit. Then you can just add a small amount of silicone if the grommet is loose on the cable.
Getting power to your attic is going to be specific to each individuals home. Is your attic space sectioned off or is it a completely open space? Do you have a light fixture already in the attic? If you have an open attic with a light fixture that’s right at the attic door, there’s an easy fix.

You are correct. I have a raised ranch and the attic is pretty open. There is one light up there. See the pictures of the soffit install. I want to hide the cable, although it doesn’t look too bad. I can live it with.

You should be able to tuck the cable into the edge that holds the soffit in place. I doubt it will come out since there’s not going to be any movement.

As far as powering the devices, I would install one of these GE Porcelain Lampholder, Grounded with Pull Chain . I have one in my attic that powers my ceiling mounted Alexa. Assuming your attic light is on a switched circuit, you’ll just have to leave the switch in the on position and turn your light on/off via the pull chain. But that depends on if your light is close to the attic door.

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Also, the cams don’t draw much amperage so one outlet could most definitely power a ton of cams (the Wyze camera adapter draws 0.25 amps and the average home circuit is rated to trip at 15-20 amps). An electrician would love to bill you for running power to multiple outlets. Maybe use a surge protector with usb built in.

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