Hello how do i view my wyze cameras on my pc?

how do i view my wyze cameras on my pc?

I recommend doing a search on the forum for “RTSP”, “PC”, and “browser”. There are several posts on the forum that may interest you.


You can’t currently, at least not without emulating an Android or using the upcoming RTSP protocol on an app that supports it.

PC Browser access is the #1 request on the wishlist however. Vote for it here:


Am I correct that many Android apps run on “Chromebook” style laptops? Does the Wyze app run on Chromebooks? Would having the full keyboard and screen of a Chromebook address the users’ needs to have Wyze access via PC?

I’ve heard some success stories on Chromebooks (you can do a Chromebook search in the forums). Success varies, but I saw a post by @Wrecks0 on May 23rd that says “You should be able to sideload the Wyze app on a Chromebook. Google “sideload Chromebook” for more information.”

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Yes, you can run WYZE Cam app. on your pc.
(This assumes you have WYZE Cam and app. already setup for cell phone and tested.)

  1. Install and run BLUESTACKs - (this runs a virtual machine with Android OS)
  2. On BLUESTACKSs go to Google App. store and download and install "Wyze Cam " app.
  3. Run app. and that is it.
    See YouTube vid ===> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g8mXOHd_3RA

I can now display my WYZE Cam output on a 21" FULL screen. Very cool. (>;

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This worked!