Heart rate not working reliably on Scale

Heart rate measurements rarely work. Maybe 1 out of 10 tries, and then the readings are often way off. I have a normally low resting heart rate - 45 to 50 - with a small amount of infrequent arrhythmia so I’m wondering if that is throwing things off. The Scale specs don’t give any information about how heart rate is measured. Any thoughts? Otherwise the Scale is measuring weight, etc, accurately.

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I don’t have the scale and don’t have an answer, but I have a question … do we stand on the scale ONLY and it’s supposed to assess one’s heart rate? How? Does it have a finger sensor? Or do you stand on it bare footed?

You stand on the scale.

k7ty - When you are taking your heart rate on the scale, your legs or feet aren’t touching each other are they?

Correct. Feet and legs are separated.

Can’t speak directly to your issue but I have noticed that the scale regularly reads higher than my Fitbit and my Fitbit is closer to my blood pressure monitor. Not a deal breaker but it would be nice to track accurately.

I have the Band as well and don’t know which to trust. The Band is always just a little bit higher. I usually do them at the same time.

The heart rate function on my Wyze scale consistently indicates a higher rate and is inaccurate. I’m giving up checking the HR even though it would have been a nice feature if it worked properly. For example my pulse Oximeter and blood pressure machine indicated 71 and 68 respectively, then the Wyze scale 101.
I hope a firmware update can increase the accuracy of this feature as Wyze has said that the HR measuring is proprietary.