Heard a male voice over the app in daughter’s room?

Thank you. It made my stomach drop when I heard it and was just hoping I mistook the tv or something for the voice, but it had to have come from the camera. I’ve analyzed it to death bc it scares me so much. What the voice said even made sense with what my daughter had said, and “he” waited until my son had just walked out of the room to say it. My son is 4 yrs older than my daughter, so in my mind, I’m thinking of some creep preying on my young daughter and that just gives me all sorts of terrible feelings. I hope I’m wrong, and will probably feel silly for these “assumptions”, but so far, not much else makes sense. Don’t mean to scare anyone if I am wrong, but better to be on alert for no reason I suppose, than not, and there be something to it.


You can also call 206-339-9646 between 8a-8p EST. If it were me on this type of situation I’d call. Just my 2 cents. Good luck. And as always the community is behind you and awaiting an update.

Does your daughter has a phone? Could she be talking to someone on the phone using the speaker phone? Or it could your son or your husband talking to someone on their phones using the speaker phone?

As a precaution, I would change the password on your Wyze account and enable 2FA if you haven’t already enabled it. If someone did gain access to your camera, the overwhelming majority of the time it is done through a compromised account.

Hopefully you can get it resolved!


I will would agree with that and can’t believe that I didn’t add that to my comments because that is a no brainer. Change the password and make it something so odd that no one would ever think that you would come up with it.

Ok I will do that. So is this something that has happened before with Wyze? I can send the video and see what you/support thinks.

Believe it or not the video does not really help. It’s the log data that tells the story.

Is that something I can check on? Since it happened a couple of days ago, not sure it would still be on there?

Yes the log that it would still be there.

Go into account at the bottom of the page
Select help feedback
select submit a log
Then just follow through with the instructions

If you have a ticket number be sure to include that. And if you’ve spoken to somebody already where it says agent name optional be sure to put in who you spoke to. And it would be in the form of

After I click help & feedback, it takes me to this screen (attached). I don’t see where to submit a log.

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I’m sorry I test the beta app and it’s a little different. I would select report an issue

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A compromised account for any smart camera or smart home system is where the vast majority of third party incursions stem from, regardless of brand. I wouldn’t worry yourself with jumping to a conclusion just yet, wait and see if the log is helpful to determining anything that may have happened. Rarely is it a result of someone hacking your network or camera to gain access.


The video actually would be very useful as well. So please send that along with the log. May I please have your support ticket number so I can escalate this case? We are sorry that this happened and appreciate you letting us know about this issue. We would like to help look into it further with you.


Thank you. I will send them. Do I just send it to you in a private message? I’m still pretty new to this forum and not sure how it all works.

Edit: sent you a message


Yes definitely sending a private message. You do not want that on the open forums

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Im confused as to what you think might be going/or the possible explanation. Are you suggesting that maybe:

  1. Someone else was logged in and watching through the camera (like you were)?
  2. You were logged in remotely and could hear someone else that you did not recognise or see in the camera feed/view?
  3. I have miss-understood what you are trying to explain.


  1. Is unlikely/impossible considering you were logged in at the same time and it cannot have 2 ppl talking/using the intercom feature at the same time.
  2. Is what best I understand you are saying hapenned and I dont understand how this is a wyze app/security related concern or incident? If you heard something, its because it was recorded on the mic, and there is countless possible explanations for what you recorded. I wouldnt waste time worrying unless you encounter repeated events with same voice/recordings happening.
  3. Could you correct me if I’ve missed your point of posting?


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You are incorrect on point #1. My wife and I both just tried and we were both able to sign in and use the intercom system.

I was watching through the app, but actually backed it up about a minute and then heard a voice that I do not recognize. No one else was in the room with them or even on that side of the house, and it sounds exactly like it’s coming from the camera. Can also hear a sort of click before and after the voice. I might have considered some random interference, but what I am almost certain he says has something to do with what my daughter had just said. Of course I could be wrong, but I wasn’t looking for anything odd sounding when I got on the app. As soon as I heard the voice my stomach dropped and I immediately backed it up to listen to it again… then again, and again, and again. It’s also important to note that my husband does not have access to the cameras I bought, and I don’t have access to his. Not for any reason, we just both bought some and set them up. So there’s no way it was his voice and it doesn’t sound at all like him anyway.

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Yes, but if you are talking through the mic, she cannot talk as well, can she? And/or is the intercom conversation recorded if record function is active at the time?

Either way, I have garnered that OP has suggested its not this, rather someone in the house she doesnt recognise?