Wyze headphones: noise cancellation good for noisy outdoors, mowers, and other loud machinery?

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I don’t recommend these for that use because the noise cancellation only goes up to 40dBs. A normal lawnmower is usually 90dBs loud.
They are still great headphones and you can still use them outside as long as it’s not raining.

40 db is great if they would attenuate the mower noise that much. Most passive ear protection is much less than that. If they cut the 100 db mower to 60 db that’s better than passive ear protection. Just finding it hard to believe they could do that. My Bose headphones don’t come close.


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40 db is not the amount they attenuate, it’s the amount of noise they can potentially deal with to any degree. What that means in real terms is about a 20 db outright suppression. I am a recreational shooter, my headsets can handle, for short durations, 120 db. But I can still easily hold a conversation with someone at normal levels with them on.

Given the lawn mowing and loud machinery scenario, you could add extra ear protection with industrial type earplugs with the headphones. I’ve done this a few times and works great without having to depend on NC headphones for everything. I can still make out my surroundings and awareness with a flick of a switch or lowering the media volume.