Headphones ship date?

Received an email confirmation of shipping several days ago.
I received my order of two today 11/20/2020.

I ordered them about an hour after receiving the email from Wyze announcing them.

Quick setup, After about an hour playing with one I am pleased…except not able to make the selection for Alexa… as it says Coming Soon, and seems to be grayed out.

I’m listening to mine now. I like them!

Did you peel the end cover stickers off? Didn’t see any instruction to take them off or leave them on - can anyone shed a little light on this?

Good sounds?

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Yes, those protective stickers can be removed from each side. The stickers are just to help protect the sides of the headphones from scratches during shipping.

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Yes! I haven’t compared them to my Sennheisers, Grados or Sonys but I’ve been listening to them constantly since I got them and they sound just fine to me.


i ordered mine at 2 pm pst when did the people who have been delivered order theres

I finally made my unboxing and review after five days of use. It’s on youtube. Search " Wyze Headphones Review - $50 ANC Bluetooth Headphones - 4K" by Brandon G.

And to the people who ask, I ordered mine 10 minutes after they were released, and I got them on the 18th.

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Has anyone who ordered last half of October got notice of their headphones shipped yet?

When where they released what time?

Pre-ordered date of announcement. Shipped on 11/17, destination NYC Metro area…making their way through 7 states and 9 cities at last count according to FedEx tracking, most of them being one-horse towns. Delivery date still shows pending.

Not a negative reflection on Wyze as they’re not the carrier, but maybe they should just get them in Amazon’s hands and let them handle the fulfillment.

I ordered on September 30, 2020. Mine have not shipped yet. :cry:

I’m not going to go that far, but good point on the two products. My pre-order of the Wyze Cam v3 is shipping now. Still crickets on my headphones pre-order shipping date.

Received mine last week. Has anyone else noticed how small the carry bag is? My headphones don’t fit in it. When in the bag the headphones stick out of said bag about 3 inches … Weird right?

You have to fold the headphones with the earcups inside the headband. They fit perfect.

These are being fulfilled by FedEx if the box label I received was correct.

As an amazon vendor, the cost associated w vending through Amazon and how they handle returns and damages would grossly impact the price point in the wrong direction.

So far Wyze is keeping their promise that delivery is in time for Christmas. Time will tell of the promise is complete across all preorders but changing streams now isn’t possible for holiday delivery.


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