Headphone's mute functionality does not work with Microsoft Teams on Windows

Com Wyze team, this is basic functionality that is missing. Please get this resloved.

Anyone with the issue

Please make sure you firmware is up to date. (2.1.133)

Been on it since it was released back in May, this is still a problem. Just tried again now, some more details as follows

When connected to my android phone and I’m either on a voice call or a teams call, double-tapping the right earcup mutes and unmutes no problem

When connected to my PC and I’m on a teams call, double-tapping the right earcup does nothing. Doesn’t seem to register on PC connections. No way to mute if on teams via PC from the headphones themselves

I have other plantronics headsets that do this no problem, but I’m noticing that they seem to require a USB connection instead of just pure bluetooth for functions like mute on headset to work properly. Has anyone gotten any other brands of bluetooth only headphones to mute during calls on PC? These are my first pair outside of the headsets

Running 2.1.133 as well. Still can’t make PC mute the mic.

I’m on the latest firmware as well, mute is a no go.