Headphone "Auto Pause" feature not working

Wondering if anyone else is having issues with the headphones NOT pausing when removed from your head even when “Auto Pause” button dial is switch to the ON position in settings? If so, what is the remedy?


Having the same issue

Is there a WYZE rep that can look into this?..should I return my headset or is this a known product-wide issue? I will be returning my set if this isn’t fixed.

Same issue here. Receive d them yesterday.

This is mainly a user to user community and is not actively monitored by Wyze. I would recommend calling support with any issues.

WYZE Support

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Same thing here. It’s worked a couple of times, but usually (99%) doesn’t . Same on my wife’s pair

First time outta box it worked. Finished simple configing and since, has not done an auto pause. Have done basics like rebooting all, resetting all, charging up. Will likely call tomorrow after final check on forum for possible solution. I’ve a few Wyze products, yet seems like a good direction but after outdoor cam and now headphones amiss, I’m a bit turned off by the marketing which fails to properly disclose and management decisions to release without greater confirmations. I’ve a couple more devices to arrive, pre-ordering on faith, but these headphones may go back if not easy fix. They also did not seem as hot a product as their marketing video suggests. If auto pause is fixed I may keep though since only $50.