Headphone app issue with latest firmware update?

Hi, did you find a solution? I just got my headphones and I am having this issue with the app.

I have not–still waiting over here. :-1:

Yes, same here. After reluctantly granting location access i get the blank screen and inconsistent auto pause ear detection. Maybe the proximity sensor has gone awry?

I would recommend calling them.

Welcome, unfortunately I think it will take a firmware update. Not a great experience when just receiving your new headphones. :disappointed: Can you at least use them without the app? I can use mine without the app.

There is hope…I see a beta firmware is out there.

That’s good news, thanks. Yes, they are still functional and i am not sure i need the app but would like to have it available.

I just want an on-headphone mute microphone button, and I read somewhere that you can enable that with the app. I hope I wasn’t misled, because that’s my #1 requirement in headphones.

I deleted my headphones from the app and now I get that same blank screen when I try to add them. How will it know to update the firmware?

I think its a problem with the wyze app

I updated the FW on my Headphones without issue. I was experiencing App going in the background. So I cleared Cache, logged out, Force Stopped and then went into the app again. Mine has been running without issue. Something to try.

I am running on an Android Phone, and with Beta FW and App

Here’s a temporary solution that I just tried and it works. I suspected it was the app so I just uninstalled wyze and went back to a previous version.


I used the one dated 1-16. I didn’t try the newest one.

I’m not sure how it works on Apple. This is for Android.

I thought about going back one version but since my headphones still work without the app, I’ll wait for the next update.