Having the Wayze Cam Outside?



So I have two WyzeCams coming in the mail that should arrive on Saturday. I have noticed that a lot of you guys have these cameras outside instead of inside even though that is not recommend by the company. I live in Florida where the weather can be bipolar sometimes with rain and hurricanes. If this is in a area like that has a roof like a front porch or a small screen patio will these camera hold up with Florida weather? I live in a condo and would love to put these up so I can see who is at my door as its hard to see who is there without opening the door.


Anecdotal reports have shown that the cameras are doing just fine in VERY cold temps as long as they are kept dry. But I don’t think anyone has exposed them to very high temps and humidity yet, so that’s going to be an unknown until summer rolls around.


The beauty is for about $25 you can test it out…


Some here have housed them in home made or commercially bought shelters. I think moisture might do them in.