Has the 44mm Watch Been Abandoned?

Well? Has it?

  • Not available for purchase, no mention of it on the wyze site
  • Last firmware was on 5/3, 47 has received at least 2 updates since

I like the size, lacked some key features out of the gate but has potential.

Wyze hasn’t said anything about it going away. The preorders ended so it isn’t currently available for purchase.

The watch will be available when it launches again, but nothing has been announced yet.

TBH, I wouldn’t be surprised though. The 44 wasn’t nearly as well received on launch as the 47 and there seems to have been more quality control issues with it. For a company Wyze’s size, it doesn’t make sense to permanently maintain that branch when the dev resources could be better spent improving the 47 which has greater disruptive potential and a better starting reception.

I think there was a lot of interest in the form factor, but they need to relaunch with a device that’s basically identical to the 47, just in the 44 form factor.