Has anyone gotten the Wyze thermostat to actually turn on Stage-2 heating with a gas-forced air system?

So they disconnect W1 when W2 is called upon, yet they connect the fan (G) whenever W1 is on, bypassing the furnace’s control and forcing the fan to activate prematurely. Unbelievable! It seems that the design engineers do not have a basic understanding of how HVAC works. Very disappointing. Hope they straighten their software out ASAP.
I would like temp differential for second stage, but my American Standard/Trane furnace needs a delay between when W1 activates and when W2 activates. If they both turn on at the same time, the furnace goes into an automatic 10 minute timer for Stage 2. So I am doubtful that Wyze can implement this properly. In Wyze’s (& other manufacturer’s ) defense, it is difficult to get this to work with all the different configurations out there.

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That’s the great thing about smart devices, if the manufacturer allows you to make advanced changes yourself, all of those settings could be customized by the users to fit their specific system. Wyze needs to just program an interface that allows us to set our differentials, time delays, etc to make the thermostat work the best it can with our systems. After all, the people using the system probably know how they expect their furnace to work more than any software designer does…

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I got this reply back from Wyze support. Would someone like to verify if it works like this? If it does, then I’m ready to buy a second one for my two stage furnace. I only have one setup at my mom’s place which is a one-stage only.

As for the Stage 2 heating, here’s how it works:

  1. When the temperature difference between the current temperature and setpoint temperature is more than 5° F, heat stage 2 will kick in.
  2. When heat stage 1 has been working for more than 30 minutes without reaching the setpoint temperature, heat stage 2 will kick in.

I want to note that the heat and cool stages change based on two factors; the differential temperature (set temp - current temp), and default run time. After the default run time, if the current temperature has not reached the set temperature, the system will move to the next stage.
• Stage 1: 1 - 5 degrees from the set temp
• Stage 2: 5 - 10 degrees from the set temp
• Stage 3: 10 - 15 degrees from the set temp

No idea, because stage 2 heat is improperly coded, it turns off W1 when it turns on W2. Pretty much all furnaces will not run in stage 2 without a call on stage 1 as well.

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What @speadie said! And I’d like the temp and time user defined/controlled.

Is this still an issue? I have furnace set to manage Stage 2 and have lost track.

I think we still have to wait until the next firmware update which is v.1.1.3 to get this working like it should. Like speadie said above, W1 is still inexplicably turning off when the 2nd stage, W2, turns on. The other major change with this update is to be able to independently control the fan. (Right now, the thermostat waits 15 seconds to turn on the fan after a call for heat. If you want the furnace to control this, you need to either disconnect the fan (G) wire, or short it to the Y terminal if you have AC, thus losing fan control.) So between both of these, I’m waiting before I get a second thermostat. A recent update I got from Wyze support said that there is no date set for the firmware release. :frowning:

The current firmware version is 1.1.6. That will probably not have the fix, but the main point is that they are working on updates :slight_smile:

The solution to the second issue (the fan running during heat) is telling wyze you have a G wire and a radiator/boiler. At least until wyze fixes their programming.

you can just leave the G wire disconnected at the control board & have the furnace control the fan…that’s what I did on mine

Thanks, Ken. I made an error in my post and I corrected it.