Has ANYONE gotten a Wyze watch that the O2 sensor works accurately?

When tested against a known measurement device.
I’m reading so many reports of the O2 sensor NOT working that I’m beginning to think this is another example of Wyze using the paying consumer as beta testers.


seems to be working fine for me, how off are your readings?

Mine says 97%. But I don’t know what that means. I’m a healthy 72 year old male, so I assume 97% is good. :grinning:

I think 95-100% is good but i have no other device to compare my readings to.

Like I wrote -
What good is it if it reports 98% and it is actually 90%?


As I said in the post you referenced… People need to speak up and squawk loudly and continuously until Wyze hears you! Since the beginning, and the issues with the cameras destroying micro SD cards… Wyze’s operating pattern has been to rush out “new” products, and ignore the issues of current ones, and I suspect, in hopes that people will forget about the “old” products and their problems, and focus on the “Shiny and New” stuff.
To my knowledge Wyze has never solved the issue of their cameras destroying micro SD cards. I squawked so loudly and long on that issue, I was given a refund for all the cameras I’d purchased, in return for shutting up about it. Well, here we are again, with another product, that doesn’t work as advertised, and UNTIL CUSTOMERS SPEAK UP AND DEMAND CORRECTION NOTHING WILL CHANGE! It took Wyze support a WEEK to reply to my support request, and then they wanted to play the 20 questions game… I just sent them the photo I posted, and told them I wanted a WORKING REPLACEMENT. I just flat had to get direct and matter of fact no BS with them. They are sending me a replacement watch, and you can bet if the 02 sensor doesn’t work/isn’t accurate on it, I will be right back here squawking again. And that is exactly what I encourage anyone having issue with a Wyze product to do. I don’t have it out for them, but I will not tolerate being sold products that don’t perform as advertised from any source.

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My O2 sensor is not working at all. I don’t see any place in the app to report it.

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I sorta feel bad for the thousands of folks who bought early access of the Home Security Monitoring. Based on the bugs in all the new and old stuff alike, I can’t imagine the headaches there could be with that when emergency services is involved.

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I fully agree. I hope Wyze has deep pockets for the potential lawsuits.

Mine says about 97% but I know that it is low, around 90-92%

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I don’t think they’re using us a beta testers. The reading is flat-out way off. You can buy good o2 sensors for $15. Its easy technology.


I found that if you take the watch off and place the O2 sensor against the finger tip, like the typical monitors read, then it will give a reasonably accurate answer, Highly impractical, but at least it is a reading.


I have a finger type sensor and my Wyze Watch matches it about exactly for both for O2 and pulse rate

Mine doesn’t work. Still way off. I’m happy that at least yours works.

My BIL :slight_smile: is a Doctor, I gave him a 47 watch and he report it was within 1 point of his office sensors.
I have not yet taken the one I’ve kept to be compared to his office sensors.

The next test is how precise are the measurements.
Wyze should be able to provide testing data.

I can’t figure out why mine doesn’t work :confused:

Do you wear the watch on your wrist like you normally do?

Yes I wear it as normal.

I’m not sure but I think there was a protective film over the sensors that had to be peeled off. Do you get correct pulse rate readings?

Pulse readings appear to be okay. Thanks for your help.