Has anyone else experienced a fire like event?

Has anyone else experienced what’s seen in the picture provided? The burned out plug in the surge protector was the very plug the Wyze camera was plugged into. I feel that it’s noteworthy to mention that all of the equipment attached to the camera is the original equipment that came with the camera. I really liked the camera, but I seriously don’t know what happened in order to cause the problems seen in the picture. Please advise! I will definitely contact customer service. Will only allow me to upload one picture because I’m a new user.

No other plug was burned out. Only the plug that the Wyze camera was plug into.

Another picture. I’m very concerned about the other Wyze cameras that I purchased.

Even though the wyze power adapter was the only one that got burnt ( shorted out ) it still could be a fault with your power strip

Are you saying that the plug on the power protector could have caused that even if the other items are still operable in the same power strip? I’m asking because as you’ve probably noticed, I’m not an electrical expert. Just trying to see what happened and has anyone else experienced this type of event with these cameras. Thanks.

Not good at all, those pictures are alaming.

Now I’m debating unplugging mine

Something shorted out , it could have been the power adapter or it could have been inside the power strip.
It seems like the power strip should have cut the power before it got that bad , but a short like that gets hot real quick.
Did it trip a breaker in your house ?

Yes it tripped but once we unplugged the camera and reset the breaker the other two original items that were plugged into the same power protector worked perfected fine (it probably was not a brightest idea to use the same power strip but I wanted to try to rule out a few things).

Did you have to reset the power strip before power was available from the power strip?

We originally unplugged the power strip from the wall. Next we unplugged the camera. We did not hit a reset button, we simply unplugged it from the wall.

I would open a ticket with support. If nothing else it may allow them to identify cause. While I have not heard of any other such incidents it can’t hurt to have them have a look. The only thermal damage I saw from your photo seems to be at the plug attachment point. I did not see anything obvious at the camera end of the cord. Did the camera survive?

I wouldn’t recommend using the power strip anymore. It is a fire hazzard now for sure. :skull_and_crossbones:

If you could take the back off of the power strip and get a closer look at the burnt plugin from the inside may help to determine the cause as well.

We haven’t tried to use that particular camera again. I will call customer support on Monday to open up a ticket.

I forgot to say that the outside of the camera got so hot that it has “hot spots” on it. Meaning the outside of the camera got so hot that when we touch another item on it, it melted.

We will not be using the power strip again. Now that I think about it, I shouldn’t have used it afterwards at all.

I think it’s good that you tested it after , because I don’t think the surge protector did its job at all.
I’m curious what brand and model number your surge protector is

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Still wondering why only the Camera? Wondering if the camera or the camera’s equipment shorted out?

Thank you all for your input. I will definitely give technical support a call on Monday.

Even if the wyze power adapter is what caused the problem , the surge protector did not do what it’s supposed to do

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You can contact support using this link:

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