Hard wiring power connection to „wireless“ outdoor cameras

Currently, I am using 3 wireless outdoor cameras and the batteries drain quickly and require frequent charging. Can I use the provided power supply and keep the cameras connected to the grid for constant charging?

You could but it would potentially damage the batteries and void the warranty due to it being less waterproof

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Thanks. The power brick would be housed inside a waterproof receptacle box. So it would only be the power connector in the back of the camera which would be more exposed. However, as you said this would be less waterproof. On the other hand, there are aftermarket cases for the cameras. Something to explore.

If you already have power nearby as you suggest, I would look at replacing the outdoor units with V3’s instead. As a whole they deliver a better product experience. I have 7x outdoor cams and looking to replace 3x of those with V3’s if I can get power to them. The other 4x I am just stuck with as is.


SergeL, that is probably the best way to go. I do have 3 wireless cams and a couple of V3‘s so I am going that route and swap them out. Especially, since the outdoor cams are mounted on a boat dock, so really near to water … :slight_smile:

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I have a few V3’s sitting on a purpose built off grid solar installation, so that has at least put the first half of my backyard in V3 use-ability range. The back half is still on outdoor cams. Looking to see if I just build another solar setup :slight_smile: