Handheld Vacuum Wall Mount Charging Station

I’m wondering if Wyze is considering an optional wall-mountable charging station for the handheld vac. I’d love to mount it on the wall next to my cordless stick vac which I keep charged and ready-to-go.

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Great idea @barrybrown !
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A wall mount / charging station for the hand vac.
Or at the very least, give us some STL files to print something :slight_smile:


I was just thinking the same thing. I can 3D print it, but I am a horrible designer :joy:

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I’ll tag @victormaletic for this. They’re excellent at 3D print designs.


Or even hole in the handle so I can hang it up.

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How is the handheld vac? I haven’t seen much of anything mentioned about it.

Do you like it? Does it work well?

Hello, People.
I have only seen pictures of the handheld vac. It appears that until a hang-on-the-wall accessory with charging capability is available, a garden tool hanger clip with a nearby magnetic USB connector may work for now.


Just found this on ETSY:


Have not tried it, just found it.


I also found this free stl file for people with a 3D printer. I have not printed it yet, but once I receive my vacuum, I am planning on it.

I also designed a charge dock that also holds accessories. If you choose to print it, be warned that once you insert the USB-C cord, it’s almost impossible to get out again. But after testing it a few days, it seems to work well.

Pretty disappointing. No hanging bracket, so it has to live on the floor or on a shelf with all the attachments strewn everywhere. Sending mine back.