Handheld Vacuum Wall Mount Accessories Organizer / Charging Station

I would say save your money.
Or look for something else that works better.
I have maybe close to a dozen wyze cams I bought and that I have also convinced my friends to buy.
Which we are all very happy with.
I bought the wyze robot vacuum which took nearly 3 weeks to finally start working right…

But, after they updated firmware etc it was a keeper.

So, I wanted to get a good dust buster kind of cordless handheld vacuum.

But, so far not impressed at all.
Barely picks up any dirt and grit from car floor mats.
At first I was like .oh I should use the brush attachment, maybe that will help… Nope. Just brushed the dirt to the other side of the mat.

So I put the crevice tool on the end and then some of the dirt started to be sucked up.

Wasnt impressed by that

It’s advertised with a 30 minute battery.
No, maybe 15 to 20 in real life usage.

I was shocked that there was not a wall mount or even something for a hook or a hole so I could put a string thru to hang on the wall.

So now there is a black cylindrical object just laying around on the floor.

It almost seems like wyze took their foot off the pedal and had an outside design house engineer this, or perhaps just bought up a design or manufacturer of white label products that usually would sell on Amazon under 10 different company names.

What a POS.
I expected it to be fairly strong, not pick up bowling balls strong but wtf. This thing is weak as a kitten. Also what’s up with this storage bag? You can put the vacuum in it but then what to do with the attachments? It’s not even large enough to hold all the attachments. The wide brush is too wide to fit. I bought this to keep in my vehicle and it would be nice if I could keep all the parts together. I would rather you didn’t waste any revenue on this POS bag than send one that’s too small for any practical purpose. I’ll go get a better bag at Walmart I guess. Come on wyze you can do better.