Handheld Vacuum Wall Mount Accessories Organizer / Charging Station

I’m wondering if Wyze is considering an optional wall-mountable charging station for the handheld vac. I’d love to mount it on the wall next to my cordless stick vac which I keep charged and ready-to-go.

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Great idea @barrybrown !
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A wall mount / charging station for the hand vac.
Or at the very least, give us some STL files to print something :slight_smile:


I was just thinking the same thing. I can 3D print it, but I am a horrible designer :joy:

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I’ll tag @victormaletic for this. They’re excellent at 3D print designs.


Or even hole in the handle so I can hang it up.


How is the handheld vac? I haven’t seen much of anything mentioned about it.

Do you like it? Does it work well?

Hello, People.
I have only seen pictures of the handheld vac. It appears that until a hang-on-the-wall accessory with charging capability is available, a garden tool hanger clip with a nearby magnetic USB connector may work for now.


Just found this on ETSY:


Have not tried it, just found it.


I also found this free stl file for people with a 3D printer. I have not printed it yet, but once I receive my vacuum, I am planning on it.

I also designed a charge dock that also holds accessories. If you choose to print it, be warned that once you insert the USB-C cord, it’s almost impossible to get out again. But after testing it a few days, it seems to work well.

Pretty disappointing. No hanging bracket, so it has to live on the floor or on a shelf with all the attachments strewn everywhere. Sending mine back.

I love the little handheld vacuum (along with my myriad other Wyze products), however there is no good way to store or hang it. It doesn’t stand on its own except with the flat nozzle. When charging I just have to lay it down somewhere. Hanging upside down with the flat nozzle risks a crash and damage.

Please develop a stand or hanger that integrates the vacuum, tools, and charger. ( some competing products have this).



Sounds like something your boyfriend might be interested in making.

Always looking for new gadgets to design. :grinning: We prefer to design items for products we own, We don’t have the Wyze vacuum. I will pass on the message. Thanks for thinking of us.

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Mine works great! But Wyze designers should be put in “Designer Prison” for the lack of a “Wall Mount” option and some sort of “Organizer” for the accessories.

It’s got good power. The charge lasts a long time. The accessories work well for the situations in which I use the vacuum.


It would be a nice add-on if there was a wall mount to hang the vacuum and the accessories so it would be ready to use and attach the accessories. Even if it was just the mount and not necessarily a cradle for charging. Just a mount that can be near an outlet and a place to hold the cable to just plug into. Maybe a horizontal cradle with the attachments in a line at the bottom along with the hose at a horizontal cradle. And a bonus, maybe an place for an extra filter. Just an idea. Thanks for considering this.

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Just received a 3D printed wall mount for the Wyze handheld vac. A seller on Etsy has them for $15.00 plus shipping.


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