Handheld Vacuum randomly turns off on highest speed

I have started to see a weird behavior with the handheld. When trying to use it on the highest vacuum setting, it works for about 10 seconds, and then shuts off. I made sure there was no debris or anything clogging it, which I think would trigger it to turn off. I have cleaned the HEPA filter, and washed the attachments and container to make sure it is as clean as possible.

Not sure what else I can do besides needing to send it back to be looked at.

Can anyone help?

I am also seeing this behavior with one of my two handheld vacuums. As reported, it turns off after several seconds on high. I ordered this one on 1/29/2021. Another handheld I ordered on 9/24/2021 is still working OK.
I’ve submitted a ticket to Wyze Support. They’ve asked me to try something and get back to them. I’ll update this when I have any more information.
In the meantime, you could report your issue as well, if you haven’t already.