Guys. The USPS isn't cutting it. - Wyze plugs "delivered"

Made my pre-order, knew they wouldn’t ship for a bit, got a confirmation my order shipped…waited waited waited…“tracked tracked tracked”…and finally a notification my order had been delivered.

Only to not it delivered at all.

Srsly, how can we evaluate and test stuff and have time to report in, when we can’t even get them timely…or at all?

Was it the USPS tracking that said it was delivered or the Wyze order status page?

Interestingly, my order status still shows “Pick and Pack” and they were delivered today!

Lol, it’s nuts

I got my plugs yesterday and just this minute got my confirmation email… :joy::joy::joy:

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Same here. Lol :laughing:

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These problems are not caused by the USPS. They are caused by whatever third-party Wyze is using for their fulfillment. It is obvious that whoever that is does not have a proper system in order. Orders are not being picked in priority of order number, the status of the order is not being updated in a timely manner (often days behind).

Wyze, whoever is doing fulfillment is not doing you any favors.

Again, I reiterate, all Wyze fulfillment should use Amazon. It would eliminate a lot of headaches for Wyze and the customer.

Tag: @WyzeGwendolyn, please note. and I welcome your comments. Thanks.

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Except that the neighbor had my package, as incorrectly delivered by the USPS. Plugs are here, testing to begin… well… later.

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Sorry about the misdelivery, @leebruner!

@rmaulsby, @soonerjim, and @StopICU33, we had multiple cases like yours. We apologize and have been looking into it to address this for the future.

@DadCooks, thanks for tagging me in. :slight_smile:


All’s well that ends well. Might be able to finally test today. Busy busy.

(I dated a Misdelivery once. Talk about surprises in small packages badumpCRASH)

This is not available everywhere but look into if “Informed Delivery” is available in your area from the USPS. If it is sign up, it’s free. After reporting the first “did not receive” it was as if I had turned a magic switch on. All of a sudden we started actually getting mail again.

Seems like there is a Happy Days episode where the Fonz teaches us there are two kinds of people you don’t want to make mad: The garbage man, and the mail man. Maybe he just needed an app. Whoa.

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What I like is it is totally independent of the shipper. Once a package or envelope is first scanned to my address the system tracks it. On the day it should be delivered I get an email with an image of each envelope and tracking numbers for any packages arriving. I can check a box telling the USPS that I did not receive an item. If I do that it starts an automated complaint or insurance claim if the package was insured.

It also I assume puts the carrier assigned on a hot seat because as I say after the first one our mail delivery improved drastically.

Because of 9/11 your Drivers License has to be mailed to you. I had renewed, and they sent 4 copies to me none of which ever arrived. 3 times a new credit card disappeared. Once I had this nothing like that has happened again.

I totally blame Gwendolyn for your credit card issues. Very fishy. :joy:

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I signed up for the Informed Delivery email about a year ago. I also love seeing the pics of my daily mail.

In my case, I wasn’t having any problems with daily mail delivery. I just happened to be tracking a package, actually, I think it was my first order of WyzeCams. The box had made it to my local post office, but was marked as “held”. It turns out the carrier misread the label and thought it was supposed to be for a home that had placed a vacation hold on their mail. Everything worked out. I got started on my Wyze addiction and haven’t stopped yet. :grinning:

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I use USPS Informed Delivery as well as a third-party site Packagetrackr.

Our normal USPS Carrier is a 25-year plus veteran who is fantastic. She continually laments about the poor work ethic of new USPS employees and even some veteran ones. She loves her customers (and we love her) and goes out of her way to fix problems. She is training her replacement, she has gone through a dozen or so before she found one young fellow who was willing to provide great customer service. As a senior USPS Carrier, she has a lot to say about which new-hires get retained. Very few make the cut anymore. A sad statement on the work ethic of too many people.

Our problems started when our older carrier retired. It took USPS 4 years to find a replacement. Until then we had about 15 different carriers alternate our route. We seem to have settled on one now. She is not brand new to USPS but is new to our route.

We have lived here for going on 7 years and STILL get mail for people that lived here 20 years ago, and not just junk mail.

Anyone having problems accessing your informed delivery at USPS the last couple of days.
I can’t sign in, and if I click on, sign up , that doesn’t work either

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I just checked my account and it worked via the iPhone app. Did not try the web app however.

problems accessing informed delivery

Me too! Also been trying to use USPS Click N Ship the past couple of days … neither works on Windows 10 laptop, iphone 5C or iphone Xs. So having no success on website or USPS app. Yet we got an Informed Delivery daily email this am. Go figure.

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