Groups and additional controls for switches

Got 2 Switches.
App needs work.

2 Suggestions to start.

  1. You can create groups per device but no group device option for switches. Also since this is really becoming a Home automation strategy will be better if instead of grouping by device we can group devices by room.

  2. I tried the additional controls like double tapping. I can use a double tap from light 1 to turn on a second light, but I can’t turn on both, I should be able to include light 1 in the action. The double tap does not allow to include its own light.

You can do this in the Alexa app and use its routines (rules) to manage more than you can in the Wyze app - I have found. I don’t know if Alexa supports the two taps, but check it out.

There are a couple ways to do this:

If you always want to light all the lights at once, just put a Wyze smart bulb in the fixture, and switch Single Press to ‘Smart Control’. Then and add all the lights you want to illuminate, including the smart bulb in the fixture.

In this configuration, Single Press would both turn on and off all lights.

If you only want to light the extra lights sometimes, then Single Press can be in either Classic Control or Smart Control. You would then assign the extra lights to Double Press, Triple Press, or Press & Hold.

If you assigned turning on the extra lights to Double Press, then you would use Triple Press or Press & Hold to turn them off.

In this configuration, Single Press would always turn on and off the bulb connected to the switch, and double-press (etc) would handle the extra lights when you need them.

Agreed that there are ways to work around not being able to control the lights on the switch with a double/triple/long press, but I would very heartily agree with the lokillo that it shouldn’t be necessary. The goal of smart home products is to make life easier, not more complicated. having to single press and double press to achieve is a band-aid not a fix.

Personal use case, I want to turn two Wyze Plugs and the light switch off on a double press.

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