Group Multiple Product (Device) Types Together

I’ve got a couple of properties with Wyze set up. Would love to see the ability to group products. For example - I have a cottage and would love to group my cameras, sensors and bulbs for that property. Right now I’ve got 3 separate listings for that property (cameras, sensors, bulbs)

The Grouping feature as implemented is kind of braindead.
How about an enhancement to have location-based (or other freeform description-based) groups?

This should be trivial to implement…

Backyard Group (here I can put my cameras in the backyard and side yards)
Home Group (here I can group all the devices in my home, so multiple homes are possible)
Garage Group (here I can put my garage camera, along with the motion detector and the contact switches for the garage)
Office Group (guess what goes here! :slight_smile: )

Right now we have “Group Products”, but this option only allows to group products by product type. But for those who have several Wyze’s items on different locations, could be nice to have a group option base on Location. These can help to group different types of products depending on their location.

This feature can allow Wyze to, later on, add Location base features like location map of the products or actions based on location.

Similar to the Google Home app, allow for the creation of rooms, where I can place multiple items (at this point applicable only to cams and lights, but could be expanded when more products are available).

I would love to be viewing the camera in my boys’ room, and from the same screen have the ability to tap a button and turn the lights on/off–or in the near future, turn on/off a smart plug, or smart switches that I hope are coming soon!

Will there be an option to group smart plugs and bulbs together?

I have a lamp with wyze bulbs and a table lamp that I want to group together and cannot find a way to do it.

Am I missing something?


Even without multiple properties, I would like to group devices by room.

Same wish here. One lamp with one Wyze Smart Bulb. Another lamp with two dumb bulbs and one Wyze Smart Plug. Would be nice to group them together.

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Want to bump this up. I would like to group my basement entry sensor, camera and motion sensor together. I have multiple devices in the same room so it makes sense to logically group them together. I almost never have more than one of the same device in a location so grouping by device doesn’t make sense.

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