Group Multiple Product (Device) Types Together For Multiple Locations

I’d like to be able to group sensors and cameras together. Right now it’s categorized separately by device type.

Would love to be able to group different types of products, for example all bulbs and outlet switches in a room. Currently the Rules only allow one product or group of the same product in a rule, so I need to add multiple similar rules for a room.

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I would really like to see a major UI overhaul for the Wyze app. With the growing amount of new devices we need to be able to better organize devices. I would love to see a two part approach to organization. The first being the ability to have multiple homes where each home can have its own set of products. Second would be the ability to have rooms within the home where multiple devices can live together. Not necessarily looking to control the devices together as we can do that with groups today but just looking to clean up the main screen as it’s very cluttered once you have a lot of devices.

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At this point I would just setting for different tabs for different devices. I have to scroll forever to find what I am looking for.

I would love to see the ability to group different devices into one group?. (ie… Kids Bedroom: contains 1 Wyze plug, 1 Wyze bulb, and 2 Wyze cams.). That is a feature I would love to see happen. I use multiple devices in different rooms and would love to be able to group different devices into one group per room to view from home screen. Thank you.

Welcome to the Wyze community. We hope to see this feature alive. Please set a +1 in the vote to see this feature in the future.

I was experimenting with the creation of device Groups and failed to find a convenient option to create a Lighting Group to which I could add Bulb and Plug devices. I use plugs on a few lamps having LED 3-way bulbs and it would be convenient to be able to add Bulb and Plug devices to a Lighting Group instead of being forced to have 2 different groups.

When entering a Group of, let’s say, Outdoor Cameras, the prompt display of video from multiple cameras on one screen is nice. But I suspect it would be advantageous to have a user configurable option as to either display live video feeds or simply show an icon and camera name. My thinking is if I had 10 cameras in a group named Outdoor Cameras it would be a waste of resources, and milliseconds, to display all 10 cameras. I’d prefer to drill down, menu wise, to a particular camera rather than instantly be viewing live video from all cameras.

I wish we could select what is plugged into a wyze plug for example: light or an appliance

And if we select that the plug is a light, it should be available to be added to a light group.

Great idea! I send this through customer support in the past. I have devises in 3 locations and it’s a pain to sort through all of them when I’m only interested in one location.

It is very uncomfortable to have 10 cameras in my workplace, and 5 cameras with sensors and light bulbs in the house and having to see among all the devices the one I want to select. It should be for a place, home or work for example. If I add a new device have the freedom to put it either at home or at work.

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Can it be possible to add the feature to apply appliances into a group as well.

I know there is camera grouping, but I will like to put lights and other the appliances within a group.

Is there any concept of a residence / home within the Wyze App?
I have seen that in some Home Automation App / eco system, and can have multiple residences / home with addresses for location services and grouping of devices. That could resolve some of the wants expressed in this thread. Just my thought…

I have rooms in my house with several different devices each (cameras, bulbs, plugs, etc) and it’d be really nice to be able to group a room’s device instead of just being able to group the same type of device.

For example: It would make my life easier to be able to turn on/off the wyze plug and bulb in my bedroom at the same time by having them grouped, but I can’t because the grouping I see is for like-devices (you can only group cameras with cameras, and bulbs with bulbs, you can’t cross-group). Is this possible? If not, is this something on wyze’s radar for possible implementation?

There is already a wish list topic for that here,


Thank you!

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Voted for this.

Have a use case where I would like to be able to group a cam with a plug and be able to toggle the plug while viewing the stream.