Grid VIew for Multi Cam

Any way to flag Wyze down so they are sure to read this thread???

Thanks for the tiny cam pro advice. I bought the app for $4 in the google play store. It’s an AWESOME app. It does everything you could possibly want with these Wyze cams. I can view all 6 of my cameras in real time on one screen. Not only that, but the app is SUPER FAST. I couldn’t believe how fast it loads and displays all 6 of my Wyze cams at once on the same screen. It’s under 3 seconds for sure on my WiFi. The lousy Wyze app takes about 10 seconds to authenticate and load 4 cameras, then I have to swipe left to get my last 2 cams to view and they take another few seconds to authenticate and load.

Let’s face it. Wyze s/w is WAY behind the eight ball in the simultaneous cam view department.

For $4 I have FLAWLESS s/w thanks to Tiny Cam Pro. It’s worth twice as much as they charge. I just wish it worked on the iPad.

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I love this idea, I was thinking about that a while back when I first started messing with my cameras! Man, it would sure be awesome if I could see all my feeds at once, That would be great If I wanted to have a monitor set up for security.

The reviews on the Tiny cam pro app are HORRID.

That’s right. They are on the IPad app. The reviews are AWESOME on the Android app. That’s what I use.

As noted above, there is already a 2x2 grid view. There is a wishlist topic for grid view with more cameras. Vote for it and/or comment on it here:

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