Greater Control Over Detection Zone Shape

agreed wholeheartedly with you. I just bought two more cams on wyze day.
But I 'm not sure what the reply is about. I just said that fan votes doesn’t play a big role. seems you agree somewhat.

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It does play a big role! It’s just tempered by other variables. :slight_smile:


Dudes, I agree with you all, but these are $20 cameras. They have an incredible amount of options for that price range. Some chill is needed from some of you.

It’s a shame this isn’t a priority since it creates rather huge problems in many installation settings. I agree with @derekp that this $20 camera has a huge amount of features as is, but that doesn’t mean people shouldn’t continue to voice their opinion and ask for a top notch product by adding their 2¢ and suggesting improvements to the software… after all this is free marketing research and UX feedback freely provided by willing community members who take the time to do the work because they like Wyze products and want to see them become even better than what they are now.

Besides, in case of motion detection, being able to define one or more custom detection areas it’s a must have for any camera-based motion detection system. That’s what makes it usable to begin with a single rectangular zone might see rare applications but it’s not very useful in at least 90% of the cases where defining a detection zone becomes needed. Lastly let’s not forget that improvements like these are what makes the camera even more refined and valuable (hence making it even more sellable)… it’s not just a question of price IMO :wink:

There is still much to be done to “get there” as the products while coming together are still not well integrated and easy to deploy as a security system… but hopefully, in time, Wyze will become even more effective than 24/7 monitoring systems and with even more features and options to its users.


We value the feedback and requests around here. That’s why we put in the Wishlist and Roadmap in the first place! Thank you for taking the time to chat with us about what you would love to have available with your Wyze products. :slight_smile:


This would be a very nice feature to have. Wyze do you have any plans?

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Hi all,

I’m using Wyze camera and I’m an happy user! So great!

I have a garden, and use some of the camera with waterproof enclosure.

I got a lot of false detection as I got branch or leaf moving when winds come in.

Detection zone is a neat thing, but sometimes, I got multiple things I want to monitor while avoiding branch/leaf movements.

Could you add a multiple zone creation/selection?

Like this example, where detection zone are highlighted in light rose (simulated view):

Thanks for all!!


I would like for developers to redesign the zone detection. Since it’s using virtual detection, I can’t think it’s really hard to add more points to the shape, or small zone boxes.

I have a camera pointing outside from my bedroom window, and since it’s using the wide lens, it curves the the horizon. So when I try to exclude the road from the detection zone, it excludes half of my front yard.

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Yes, Wyze is a great company in most every way, and a paradigm for all others. BUT WAIT! It’s approaching a full year since I purchased my first three (of five) Wyze Cams (V2). Almost immediately, an obvious problem caused me to make contact: I suggested/requested that the detection zone rectangle be adjustable (just a small number of pixels) - 25% of the horizontal and vertical size would be a great help with my cameras. This is not as complicated as multiple zones or “free-form” zones; only make it possible to reduce the rectangle a bit. It would save me so, so much time and distraction, and make my cams a total hassle-free plus. Or in fairness, I’d love to at least know why, in spite of this widely-referenced problem, the apparently easy fix has never be applied - or even the reason explained. Hrumph!

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Im using a camera that is at an angle to the street next to my house, would be nice to have a detection area that isnt rectangle, to crop out most of the cars that pass by


If only I would/could see a comment from a official Wyze staff acknowledging this need…

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The first post in the topic is from a Wyze employee acknowledging this need. :slight_smile:


That was 1 year ago.

That’s right. She posted here a couple weeks ago, too.

I was definitely looking for something considerably more recent… like they are still aware. Things tend to slip down the list if not requested often. … though it’s obviously not working on the outdoor cam. :slight_smile:

I’m still here and paying attention. I don’t have an update at this point but we’re still aware. :slight_smile:


Thank you for acknowledging here. Are devs at least talking about implementing this? Or is this something that wasn’t on their plate for this past year? If it wasn’t, at least I can stop hoping having this enhancement implemented in the near future.

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When Wyze finally has a #wishlist topic on their radar, the topic tag will change from “maybe-later”, to “researching”. That is no guarantee it will be implemented, but it is a positive step towards it. :slight_smile:


Just wanted to add my support for this. It’d be very nice to be able to have more flexibility with detection zones. I’d love to create a multipoint polygon instead of just one box.

Also, it’d be great if detection zones and pan&scan weren’t mutually exclusive. I only need one detection zone for all of my pan and scan areas I don’t see why it’s turned off when pan and scan is on.



Me too!

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