Greater Control Over Detection Zone Shape

The minimum size of the detection zone was increased a long time ago and never restored, so for some of us this problem has only become worse: Minimum height and width of the detection zone has changed Surely it would be trivial to revert this but the developers appear to be focused on changing things rather than fixing bugs and usability issues.

What about just adding more detection zone rectangle layers? So what if they overlap? It’s not ideal for diagonals, polygons, etc. but since rectangles are already coded, just adding layers for multiples shouldn’t be too burdensome.

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so we have been asking ways to adjust and effect the detection zones for a long time. sometimes that rectangular box just doesn’t do the job we need. in some posts in ask the community and other places there have been talk of the ability to set exclusion zones as well. and that is what this post is for. only because there is not a #wishlist topic for it yet.

imagine being able to exclude a small portion of your from porch or yard from detection because you have a flag or similar (constantly moving) item somewhere in the center of your frame. you don’t really have an option to move the camera due to camouflage, power source, something else you want to keep in frame or any other numerous reasons. with the current detection zone settings you can set up a zone on one of any four sides of the constantly moving item, but alas you are now neglecting the other three sides. or you could just set the full frame for detection…but you might only get an alert every 5 minutes because its windy and that flag is moving…and hopefully that’s " the one" you need to catch, be that alert the delivery guy with an expensive package, inlaws you don’t want to answer the door for, the Nobel committee who couldn’t reach you by phone, publishers clearing house, or Bigfoot. any number of possibilities really. if you could set a square “exclusion zone” around that hypothetical flag the camera would ignore all the notion within that exclusion zone but pick up anything outside of it. it’s not perfect, but it’s an idea.

simply having an exclusion zone could be the reason you don’t have to worry about false alerts every 5 minutes and you get the right alert you need.

if you see my rational ( yes I said rational and not logic) go ahead and hit that vote button at the top.


I believe that the best of both worlds (inclusion and exclusion zones) could be done with a simple grid that let’s us click “on” to activate ANY motion (sans any AI filtering or attempts to characterize motion). This way - it’s just a simple sweep of the grid and if there’s a significant change in “grey” intensity levels - and the grid is “on” - they trigger an event.

Pretty simple algorithm to sweep a grid. I think just taking the view field and overlaying a grid of maybe 20 x 20 or change it to bigger or smaller grid by a user defined resolution to (adjust sensitivity) and just define the polygon by activating the grids we want motion to trigger on a grid by grid basis would do it very cleanly. Just give a button to fill the full screen with a grid “on” (or off) then edit it away or add to it to work around local issues (tress, privacy areas etc.).

Requesting advance motion detection zone. I wish there will be options for having customized points that you can drag to setup the detection zone. this will greatly help remove false positives when capturing events. Imagine if a user is near a street, this will result is events that are not captured since the events have a 5 minute capture in between. This will also be beneficial for your cloud storage subscription as this will lessen the number of sessions as well as storage/bandwidth that you will need for your subscription unless you are using “unlimited sessions/bandwidth”. with this, you will be able to offer the subscription at a much lower rate to your valued customers.

Looking forward to freeform Detection Zone Shapes! Thanks!

If that happens, that would be absolutely great