Greater Control Over Detection Zone Shape

You should try the eufy.
I have both. Wyze and Eufy
And Eufy resolution is WAY better

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I was replying to a post about the Eufy.
So far it’s been a great experience.

Sadly, I kinda agree to this.

While the Eufy native video is 2k, RTSP is 1080 and looks compressed so the Eufy RTSP feeds is worse than the Wyze feed

Eufy is a few bucks more than Wyze but… It works


What’s the latest on this

I think they will implement this feature in about 3 years!! Stay tuned…

I don’t have a new update at this point but thanks for checking in. :slight_smile:

I need this and would gladly spring for Cam Plus if this feature were included as part of it.

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Just wanted to second this thought and ask that you pass it on to the appropriate devs or management types.

Basically, I have never considered giving you all money for CamPlus specifically because I never felt I could rely on it due to the lack of detection zone precision.

Ancient free apps like “Manything” have had grids to control detection zones for longer than Wyze has been around, so it cannot be rocket surgery.

With the current lack of precise control over the detection zone, I can only count on motion events to be a general guide at to where to start looking at the continuous recording on the SD card. I have never felt that I could rely on only the cloud recordings - no matter how long.

Thanks for listening!



I am happy to say that we are working on implementation of this feature! Not promising timelines yet but we’re working on the coding. :slight_smile:


Very happy to hear this! Thanks for letting us know!

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Very pleased to hear this!
am hoping its a matrix grid that we can toggle off/on detection on a grid by grid basis (say 1’x’1’ resolution per square. So we can have clear gaps between large areas we don’t want any trigger for to work around pedestrian privacy areas or windy brush/trees or shiny water bodies reflecting sunlight. This would be a great general purpose mechanism superior to a random shaped user defined polygon. The firmware would simply trigger on any sudden motion at a sub-grid level and would not even need AI algorithms to “people” detect. Just a raw motion detection in any active user defined cell that lingers for a specific time (e,g, cell off or cell sensitivity low, medium or high etc. as user specified).



Thank you


Woohoo!! I’ve often thought this would be very handy (and let’s not forget RTSP) as well.