Greater Control Over Detection Zone Shape

PLEASE! Freehand drawing of the ROI is a must. It’s literally the easiest thing you can implement. It’s crazy it doesn’t exist. Thank you. Then you can get fancy by allowing multiple zones and exclusions but already by allowing freehand many problems can easily be solved.

Agreed! I’ve used cheap Chinese WiFi security systems that basically had a big grid pattern. Maybe 60-100 little boxes, you could select any number of areas at any size to pick where you wanted the motion detect to pick up. I used them to highlight my windows out side (to alert for burglars) but kept the motion detection away from the lawn (don’t need to know when my dog or bunnies are in the grass)

Definitely a feature that would be well used and received!

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Please tell us there is hope for this feature arriving soon. :smiley:

The advantage to Wyze is saving space by not having to store as many needless event recordings. The advantage to the user is clearly described in the many user comments.

My precise comment/request is for non-contiguous detection zones.

It is amazing how useful this feature can be when trying to eliminate unimportant motion. And it is equally amazing how much you expect and rely on this feature after you have encountered it even once.

Any of several existing detection masking systems should work fine:

  1. A simple grid overlay where individual squares could be turned on or off. Obviously the finer the grid, the better, but everyone understands memory/processing limitations

  2. Freehand drawing of a polygon with more than four control points

  3. Just allowing multiple resizable rectangles using the current drawing system

THANKS for such a great product! :smiley:

If the topic tag changes from “maybe-later” to “researching”, then that would indicate this request is on Wyze’s development radar. :slight_smile:


Funny that this is still a “maybe” feature. This feature is so obvious, I didn’t even think to ask for it. I just assumed it was already in development. Unfortunately, like a lot of software companies, it looks they are more concerned with the next feature rollout and less with fixing what either wrong or lacking. (Smart bulbs are cool I guess, but I just want more control of detection zones so I don’t get 20 false positives a day.)
Maybe I’ve been looking at this all wrong. I just need to cut down every tree in my front yard! Problem solved.

Are you aware of the new “Person Detection” feature launched today (7/9/2019)? It may be what you need to cut down on unnecessary event notifications.

Ideally, should be able to select smaller squares or further control motion detection zone.

My camera is on a slight angle up high, and therefore when I expand the square it captures sidewalk/road - when I make the square too small, it no longer captures the driveway but only a small portion of steps and lawn.

Possible to make it a grid, and allow you to select which small squares you want to detect motion on?
That way I can have a triangle setup for motion detection or even specific areas with gaps?

Arlo Pro includes three “activity zones”. That way, you can use all three zone boxes to cover the whole video except problems areas, like a bush or tree. Multiple box zones might be an alternative to other complicated or “free-hand” zones.

The best one I have seen is a grid that is overlayed on the image and you turn on or off respective squares in the grid, it works fairly well


The standard adjustable square or rectangle for “detection zones” for notifications needs an improvement, I would like to be able to have a free form shape I can draw or points to connect similar to Microsoft paint when you choose the free form option for shapes. That way I can avoid a bush that keeps setting off my notification but still get notified about movement above the bush.

Another more complicated option would be additional adjustable rectangles instead of the single adjustable rectangle currently available to avoid the bush.

Another option would be a highlighter tool to color in areas that notifications should be sent or the opposite.

I would like to do this as well. I have a flying flag in the middle of the zone I would like to watch. The motion of the flag creates false alarms, therefore I have to make the zone much smaller (below the flag), which leaves out lots of area I would like to watch. So, either custom shapes, exclusion zone, or multiple square zones would work for me.

Would it be possible to enhance the detection zone so that it could be configured by selecting multiple boxes from a grid similar to the system used by Dlink in the attached screenshot.

I agree and would appreciate this versatile feature.
Either of these methods would be great…customizable shape or grid system.
Please implement this feature as it would limit unwanted push notifications, easier for Wyze and Users!

It would be super great if in the Detection Setting- Detection zone, the selection can be more flexible instead of having a box selection to have the ability to draw the selection which will make it much much more workable and thats because using the current selection box is kind of make it impossible to select out for example a tree as you will be obliged to eliminate other areas or if the area is not straight you won’t be able to select properly.

When using Cam for outside,

Something, as attached photo, would work. Able to shape the detection box or several detection boxes with more than 4 points.

This is my number one feature request! I love my Wyze cam but the detection zone is severely limiting. Being able to draw in the area or have multiple box zones would be so amazing.

This would be super helpful for the users to have to deal with less false alerts, and for Wyze to take up less cloud space with useless for the user events.

i’d really like to see a change in the way we outline the detection zone. would be WAY more beneficial if each corner of the zone grid moved independently; i could easily cut out the movement from cars on the street, but still keep almost all my yard in the zone.

HUNDREDS of requests from over a year and a half ago??? and there’s no progress???

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I agree, 638 votes should have put this request in researching by now.

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