Google WiFi mesh network

I have a version 1 and 2 camera. My version 1 camera works like a charm on the google WiFi. The version 2 will connect however eventually it will disconnect so I have to power cycle it or reinstall. I have gone through this on a daily basis since January. I have been in contact with tech support for months and they give me the same instructions, power cycle, reinstall, send them logs etc. now that they wasted my time for these past few months and the warranty has run out they admit it’s a faulty product and won’t replace it. However the bigger issue is that it version 2 will not work on a 2.4/5 mesh WiFi. I have request for weeks to have a supervisor contact me and now I am being ignored. No response for weeks. There are several tickets opened and I have documented this. Be advised they will wait this out until your warranty runs out.

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Welcome to the community, @Arashii. Sorry to hear you’re having issues. I use the cameras (V1, V2, and Pan) on a mesh system (Amplifi HD), but I created 2.4Ghz only SSIDs to use for my smart home devices. I’m not sure if that option is available for you on a Google WiFi, or not. Have you checked the Google WiFi forums for a possible solution, also?

Thanks for the response. Unfortunately google WiFi does not have the option to separate the networks. I have serval other devices including the version 1 connected to 2.4 and it does so automatically. The version 2 for some reason does not have the smart capability to remain connected. Although it does connect, in a matter of time (day or two) it will disconnect.

Google Wifi help says:

" How does my device choose a band?

For personal devices that support only the 2.4GHz band (an older phone, for example), it will automatically connect to that band. Most dual band devices that support both 2.4GHz and 5GHz will automatically pick a band based on different factors like signal strength."

I guess what you could do to force 2.4ghz for devices is to get an old router or ap and connect it to the main or one of the pucks.

I could and that’s a good suggestion. However it should just work like it’s older version cam 1. I don’t have an issue connecting to it, it will disconnect after a day or two then I have to reboot it then it will connect automatically again.

Yeah I get ya, it is weird that the V1 works perfect and the V2 disconnects after a day or two, doesnt really make sense.

I have 2 V2 cameras with a Google 3-puck Wifi setup. So far (2 weeks) I haven’t had issues with disconnects. The 2 cams are pretty close to the pucks however so not sure if that matters.

Signal strength on wifi devices is always a factor IMO and even if it is working fine when you connect it or at a specific time lets say, it can and will vary depending on other wireless devices (microwaves, phones, other wifi devices, etc)… even temperature.

Check your router for a setting to auto-reboot once every 24 hours. Almost all my sporadic connectivity problems went away since I started having it cycle at 4am every day. Must be magic. Probably voodo.

Weird… routers shouldn’t need to reboot. In fact, lemme check… mine has been running for 63 days

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Maybe some routers are better at clearing their caches or buffers. It’s worked wonders for me on my Dlink’s.

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My router doesn’t reboot and I have 11 other devices that connect just fine. Some in 2.4 some on 5. This is the only device that disconnects. Version 1 and 2 cameras are at the same location. Camera 1 no issues. Can’t help to think this is a device issue