Google Maps Draining Wyze Band Battery

So for the first time wearing the wyze band I setup and point A to Point B on Google maps, I also stopped somewhere along the way not on the map designation, My Wyze watch decided to dance around crazingly with tons of vibration. It wouldn’t stop. It was so bad I had to take off the Wyze Band. Is there any way for you to control notifications from Google maps and turn it off on your end, I like the notifications on my phone but not on my wyze band. also I do not like notification from Messages or messenger on my wyze band especially when I am driving! The wyze Band distracts me and makes me look down for a second which eventually will lead me to a car crash. Quick notifications like Alexa communicated the front door had open? or the cameras detected movement then I can safely pull over then open the wyze app to see what’s going on at home. Making notifications convenient is not safe, but since some people may want it then please give us an option to turn off certain notifications on the watch but not the whole phone.

You should be able to control notifications through the Wyze app. This support article has info on that. In fact, I changed them for my apps just before I saw your topic. :slight_smile: