Google Home/Assistant Integration



Another vote


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Exactly how many votes do you need? WOW
Does this mean if you dont get enough votes, you just wont integrate Google?


The relative number of votes on the #roadmap topics are used by Wyze to help prioritize future development plans. There is no absolute number of votes required to get something implemented. Also, a high number of votes does not guarantee implementation (it might not be possible, for example), nor does a low number of votes preclude implementing a request.

That said, this topic has a high relative number of votes, so that can only help it’s chances.


Consider me a big +1 … Without Google Assistant functionality I won’t buy more than the one I purchased to test. Enjoying it so far but I can’t ‘buy in’ all the way without it.


Count me in. I want this functionality as well.


I got Alexa & Google Assistant at Home. I just decided to focus on Google and bought Lenovo Smart Display for my home and Google Hub for my Mom.
You can count for us to buy cameras when you will have Google Assistant Compatibility!
2 New potential customers :wink:


That’s what we are looking at.


Update is that we are moving from requirements and high level design to implementation. The Dev team has to find cycles to start the work now.


It is at the top of the priority list. There is only one thing that is higher and will never be bumped down: operation! Or for people not familiar with the term, making sure that what you have is working as flawlessly as possible.


The problem with Google Assistant is that we are at the mercy of the features that Google has defined. So if a function has not been planned by them, then I don’t think there is anyway to integrate it.
So our goal is a two steps approach. We want to cast the cam on Chromecast and Google Home first then look at the control command.


Something that nobody had asked (maybe possible with IFTTT) is to have the camera to trigger stuff (flood lights, alarms, doors, etc.


I got my first Wyze cam yesterday great cam, But without Google Assistant functionalityI this will be the only one I buy.


Pretty much any device that supports IFTTT THEN actions can be triggered by making an IFTTT applet with a Wyze motion detected step for the IF part of the applet.


Yes this would be a great addition to the Lenovo Google Assistant that I recently purchased.


Yes please. Alexa’s not really any incentive to me.


Could you elaborate? I understand the inverse. If Wyze exposes the appropriate things in their API, it should generally be possible to integrate with GA. What am I missing?


I am shocked Google integration is not available but Amazon integration is available. We all know Google is a way better ecosystem to use and will actually integrate well. Please build integration ASAP!


What makes you say that Google is a better ecosystem? My personal experience does not align with that statement.

Development is about to start.


@sjfloat Google, like Alexa, defines Device Type. The features available through those types are fixed. In the case of Alexa, you can augment the list of features by creating new intents in your skill.
According to a conversation that I had with a Google Engineer, there is no possibility to enhance the number of intents.
Now, I have found (literally yesterday) in the documentation that there is a possibility to create custom actions. I have not seen enough of it to see how everything mesh together but that would put it near on par with Alexa. Like is there a way to implement device type intents and custom actions in the same integration. If that works, we are good and have a way forward. If not, then we have a dependency on
Google to augment the default definition of a device type to be on par with our capabilities to expose all of them.
We have rest APIs for all the Wyze features and that’s how the mobile app interacts with the cameras. So we are good on our side.

Make sense? :slight_smile: