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Just to be clear, that is the actual quote from Gwendolyn’s reply to you, and I really don’t see how you considered it as nasty. I truly hope you enjoy your other cameras, and that they work the way you need them to. :slight_smile:


For me…Im willing to wait on Wyze cam. I have been thru sooooo many Chinese Wifi UP Cameras from Ebay. All of them costing nearly as much as wyze Cam. The only one that was any good was from Annke and even that wasnt as good as this one.
So of that knock off Chinese stuff on ebay/amazon is good. Most is trash.

I was impressed with Wyze cam’s customer service when I had a account login issue. You dont get that with this other stuff. Now I guess you could buy a ring and WAY over pay for what you need and get a great product but Wyze cam BY FAR is the best balance of price, performance, customer service and features.


I unstand that you want google integration we all want it!!! But being nasty and accusatory isnt going to help. If you have resources or contacts that you can contribute, that is great. Wyze makes affordable wifi camera and I like the product. Like all of us said google integration will only make it better. Best of luck with your new camera.


Uhm, we’ve been asking for RTSP support for a long time. If Wyze already supports RTSP why won’t you let us use it?


Fair question! The TL;DR response is that the implementation does not match your requirements overall.

There are several points that are not aligned making this implementation the wrong one.
1 - The RTSP access point is on the Web, ie. not local. This means that you will have to constantly stream to the Internet and back in your home for getting the camera feed. This will consume a lot of bandwidth and data plan…
2 - The current implementation is dedicated to Alexa. This means that the authentication and authorization mechanism is tailored to their need and the ecosystem that we have with them. It also means we don’t have a way to authenticate based on the owner of the stream.
3 - Because it is relying on an external server, it means that it is carrying a cost for us. We could always start charging for the access but this is not something we are ready for right now and we would be significant since you will have a constant streaming (vs Alexa that is only in 10 minutes increment and more further apart).

So what is the solution? The solution for RTSP is to have the camera naturally produce an RTSP stream. This keep the stream completely local, which is what most people want RTSP for. It will also allow to completely disconnect from the cloud.
In order to do that, we have to create a special firmware, which also carries a cost. I have talked in the RTSP topic of the challenge of putting anything in the camera so I won’t reiterate here but let me know if this is not clear enough. The TL;DR of it being: RTSP, like any other feature, takes flash memory, regular memory and CPU to process and the camera does not have a ton of it. We have to balance the benefit against those costs for the entire customer base…


Thank you for the excellent explanation. I really appreciate knowing the details and I am grateful you continue to work so hard to make Wyze the best camera solution.



Thanks for the explanation, Frederik.

I, for one, would be happy to pay for an ‘unlock’ license to support the development of this feature. Unlocking RTSP means there are instantly third party viewing/recording solutions for all the unsupported platforms - PC, Roku, etc.


I think this is the one with most votes on the forum and I hope you guys start working on it soon, I like the product but it will be even better when google assistant is compatible


Please make this happen. Thank you


How much would that firmware cost and how would we be notified that it is available?


The price has not been determined yet. But our mission is to make technology affordable. So there is not going to be a very high price tag associated.
The firmware is currently being developed. The team was mostly mobilized on making 2.0 happen and going through the holidays, which is for anyone doing retailing a very busy season.

As for the way to be notified, the best is to continue following on this thread. We will definitely announce it on the forum and all other social media where we have a presence.


I am willing to pay for the firmware as well, it’s worth it as long as it works fine. Happy Holidays to you all!


I would definitely pay for a RTSP feed so I can use my camera with other tools, such as iSpy or Blue Iris. And please count my vote for Google Home Hub integration as well! :slight_smile:


Irt would be nice to view specific cameras and cnotrol the WYZE Pan/Tilt.




I would love to be able to turn the camera completely on/off via assistant, not just the motion detect via IFTTT.


It would be better for Wyzecam to expose its API / SDK. Since they are not supporting webcam, and the development is very slow. I am a developer who loves to tinker. I found some third party api, but is far from complete:


The ability to stream it to a Chromecast would be pretty cool too if you don’t happen to have a Google Home Hub in the room your in.


This would be great, so you can easily see who is at the door when the motion sensor is set off.


Have google display made by lenovo. Would love for it to be able to show cameras live with voice command and smart home pull down menu. Integrating a few of the commands to turn off and on would add nice features. Could integrate into routines to set when leaving and returning.