Google Home/Assistant Integration



Agree with davide.bolognini’s list is pretty spot on with being able to chromecast #1. I only have 2 wyzecams and the main reason is because I have to open the app to see what is going on. If I could say google, show me the backyard on living room tv, the whole house would be wyze cam’d :slight_smile:


In regards to rrichie2’s comments, if funds are a problem there are other methods. I know part of the selling feature is the low cost and no monthly fee, but maybe charge for new features like get the google home integration for $10 or something like $10 for large new features or $25 for all.


I agree!


Was just looking into what kind of camera to buy, and being able to work natively with Google was something I was looking for. So +1 for this feature request, as it’s the reason I didn’t purchase one today.


After getting two WyzeCam Pan and hoping the Google Home / Chromecast support will follow soon, and I’ve been hoping for the past three months. I like the product with its sophisticated motion tracking feature, and I really want to get more of these camera for my and my mom’s house, but without a definitive schedule I am not sure how much longer I can hold out for. I also have Amazon Firestick for one of the TV set, and although it only have limited support for the camera, that’s all I am looking for. I’ve gotten the camera on exterior light from Costco recently because they were on sale. Budge that should have been used for more WyzeCam…


+1 for the Google home/assistant integration from me! One feature I haven’t seen mentioned here yet is for the WyzeCam Pan, being able to start/stop the panning motion would be a great added feature!


Yes, please add Google Assistant support. This is the only reason why I have not bought this camera already!


I need google home hub integration with my Wyze cam as well.


On the google hub display, ok google show the living room


You have Alexa integrative why can’t you use the same for google features


Ok google Show me cam (ex living room cam) on google hub


The biggest benefit to integrating Google Assistant would be visibility. “Hey Google show me ____ camera on ____ TV”. Similar to how Nest cameras function with Chromecast enabled items. The best option would be “Hey Google show me all my cameras on ____ TV”. This would require a multiple view option that Wyze really needs to implement. I currently use TinyCam Pro for this functionality and rarely find myself using the Wyze app unless I need to review older footage. Multiple camera view would put you ahead of all the other similar camera models, Blink, Amazon, Yi etc. Just a suggestion as IP based camera systems have a huge advantage strictly because of the simultaneous viewing capabilities.


Especially when you are asking for multiple actions from the same trigger. IFTTT is great when it works but is not reliable. I often get push notifications even when I am in my specified Geo-location that should turn them off. Connection to a specific WiFi access point or Z-Wave sensor as a trigger has a better success rate but is still extremely unreliable. IFTTT is just generally 75-80% reliable with Wyze in my experience.


So excited to see this integration! If we could see Wyze Cam listed in the Google Home app similar to nest cams, make the value of this camera even more amazing than it already is. Support for streaming to displays and chromecast’s would also be a nice touch a la “Hey Google, show me Living Room Wyze Cam on Bedroom Chromecast”.

You guys are the best!


FYI everyone you can already do this using IFTTT. Don’t need official Wyze support for it. Much better if they spent their efforts on an API instead.


Yes, please add this feature. It has already been said, but it would be nice to use my Google Home Hub to view my various Wyze cams.



Can you show us a demo of how you’ve used IFTTT to display the video feed of a Wyze Cam on a Google Home Hub/Smart Display, i would really like to see this in action.

This currently works natively on the Amazon Echo Show and Spot as well as on their FireTV devices plugged into your TV and it is VERY slick, but it would be great for us Google-centric folks to be able to do the same on our Android TVs, TVs with built-in Chromecast, Google Home Hubs, Lenovo Smart Displays, etc.


I think you are misunderstanding the feature request here. People want to be able to use the Home to show the Wyze cam on Google Home Hub screens or Chromecast devices. That is not currently possible using IFTTT.


hah, yup. that is what I figured as well… glad it wasn’t just me :grin:


This would be awesome! I know a number of people who are just waiting for Google Assistant integration to purchase their wyzecams. I have 2 and absolutely love them. Thank you for such a genuinely great product.



Chromecast is kind of a streaming device standard, it would be great to be able to stream live to a chromecast, but also to have the Wyze app video player to be compatible with chromecast too.