Google Home/Assistant Integration



And another voice for Google Home support. I simply would like to turn the cameras off and on via voice command.


that would be great!



Another vote for Google Assistant integration. The casting to TV or the new smart displays that are using Google would be a plus.


If Google integration is added, I’ll have another reason to get those new Google Home Smart Displays


Here’s another vote for Google Home integration. I hope this capability can be introduced soon. The sooner the better.


Man, as soon as they get Google Assistant integration, I am TOTALLY buying these things! But I’m too committed to the Google Assistant environment to get one until that integration happens. Can’t wait!!


Broad support / control of Wyze Cameras via Google Home / Assistant would be a wonderful thing. However, the Killer single feature has to be “OK Google, display <wyze camera name> on <chromecast display device name>”.

If you could deliver this single capability the Google Home community will beat a path to your door and buy, buy, buy.

Many of us Google Home enthusiasts have just recently grabbed a Nest Hello doorbell camera and are knocked out by the ability to say “OK Google, display the Front Door” and have it pop up on our Chromecast capable TV’s. This same group of folks are looking to expand this capability to more cameras, but frankly the nest cameras are EXPENSIVE! Introduce this capability with Wyze cams, and you won’t be able to keep them in stock!




I agree entirely that we need Google Home integration. I to have a smart device heavy home and everything is controlled via Google Home using voice commands. I understand the appeal of Alexa support but Google integration is much less painful to accomplish than Amazon’s offerings and you’ve already accomplished that so there shouldn’t be anything in your way to develop on Google’s platform. Google makes most of their API’s readily available to developers so what’s the hang-up?


Hello everyone! At this point I would still call Google Assistant “under consideration”, but it is something we are heavily looking into. On that note I would like to gather information about use cases. I’ve gone through this thread and pulled out all of the requests made so far:
1.Cast to Chromecast/Google Smart Screen
2. Turn cameras On/Off
3.Turn motion detection On/Off
4.Turn push notifications On/Off
5.Record a short clip
6.Turning micro SD card recording On/Off
7.Playing latest alert video from a camera

Please let me know other use cases, or additional votes for these features so I can pass this along to the Devs. Thanks everyone!


Mate, if you could get 5/7 features done I’d buy more Wyze cams tomorrow


The option to turn motion detection on and off would be amazing. I never 2ven thought of that. Great for routines in the morning, when I come home.


1.Cast to Chromecast/Google Smart Screen
Yes this is a must!

5.Record a short clip
“Hey Google, record front door for 5 minutes” (put video on the SD card)

6.Turning micro SD card recording On/Off

7.Playing latest alert video from a camera
Play latest alert from any camera. “Hey Google, play Wyze alerts on Family room Chromecast.” to let them play back in order. Or “Hey Google, play alerts from front door on Family room Chromecast” to play alerts from one camera.

  1. I noticed the ability to turn off cameras the other day and I love this feature.

  2. turn microSD card recording on/off would be great too and really goes with the camera on/off function very well.


I already chimed in on Google Assistant/Chromecast support, this would be epic.


I prefer the Google Assistant as well but it is frustrating how many features the Echo Show has over the Google Smart Display. Having the ability to view Wyze Cam would be a big step forward. Hey Google! Help 'em out!


Good to hear such a news!

In my opinion a good priority could be:

1.Cast to Chromecast/Google Smart Screen
2. Turn push notifications On/Off3. Turn cameras On/Off
4.Turn motion detection On/Off
5.Record a short clip
6.Turning micro SD card recording On/Off
7.Playing latest alert video from a camera



I think these are great options, I would think the following order would be best (IMHO):

  1. Management actions - turn cameras on/off - turn motion detection on/off - enable recording
  2. Video actions - broadcast to chromecast/smart screens - record video to SD card - playback to ChromeCast/Smart Screen from SD Card
  3. Nice to haves - everything else.


Look everybody this group has released a great camera at low profit margins. I would also like to see google home integration as well as other feature sets. They need revenue and time in order to fulfill everyones wish list. You have a very inexpensive camera that does a great job… Contribute a few bucks ($20-$50) to the cause and maybe your wish lists can be fulfilled. WYZE group is there a method of contributing to your development?


Thanks for collecting these! I have a pretty heavily automated home, everything works with Google Assistant. Personally the order you listed is pretty much my same list of priorities. With varying to chromecast at the top. I hope Google Assistant gets on your road map soon! Thank you!


<p style=“text-align: left;”>Start with being able to tell Google Home to turn on and off the Wyze Camera. I only want the camera to record when nobody is home.</p>