Google Home/Assistant Integration



Yes it will be fantastic to add it on google home on show on Chromecast


I would most definitely love this feature. It would make the home much more integrated with security.


I also have a fully Google Home configured house. This would be a great bonus if Wyze cams worked with it.


Count me in as an interested Google Assistant (phone and Google Home) user. It’d be a great addition.


Do this.



I would also like to see this.


So far this thread has not been actionable. “Integrate with Google Assistant” is meaningless. What specifically, do you want it to do or accomplish with Google Assistant? “OK Google. Tell Wyze Cam to record video”? Do you want to display wyze cam on tv on voice command? Save clips to google drive? Turn on lights when motion is detected? State some specific objectives/goals please.


Hi everyone! Thanks for the enthusiasm for our product! Next up for Smart Home Integration will be Alexa, but we do have Google Home under consideration as the next integration.

As @BillyCrook mentioned, if you would like to give examples of what you would like to see integration with Google Home I will document it and make sure the Devs see the feedback.


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ifttt integration will provide you with whatever it is you want to get out of google assistant integration. imho alexa is terrible at voice commands and the compatibility is limited. using ifttt i was able to connect wyzecam to google drive/photos and save images as well as setup various alert with trigger actions. if you have not played with ifttt now is the time.


I would love to be able to ask Google Assistant to see the video feed from one of my wyze cams on my chromecast!


I like playing with ifttt but a native integration with Google Home/Assistant would be nice. Example above, “Hey Google show my wyze cam”, sees feed on Chromecast.


r3ddyfire said (in part):

using ifttt i was able to connect wyzecam to google drive/photos and save images as well as setup various alert with trigger actions.
I am insanely new with IFTTT. How are you getting it to upload to Google Drive? I would love to do that.



Ifttt doesn’t always work. I would love to be able to add certain wyze requests to google assistant routines. When I say “ok Google I’m home” along with other things that triggers that it will also tell the cameras to turn off motion detection and turn off push notifications. I like the options that are on IFTTT but as I said before they don’t always trigger flawlessly


I set up one for Alexa. I say, “Alexa, trigger I’m home”. She sends a “Turn off notifications” to my Wyze app. “Alexa, trigger I’m leaving”, and she Turns the notifications back on…and it’s instant!
You should be able to do that with Google assistant. Google assistant=trigger, Wyze=service. You can also add the push button widgets to your phone home screens too, and that is instant as well! Check it out. Hope this helps you.



<!–more–>thanks for the suggestions.<i> There are several options i can do. However none are as clean and simple as native control through Google home/assistant. I want one command to do all the things i want. Thanks again for the suggestions. </i>


Telling my Google Home to show me “camera X (your camera name)” on “living room TV (your chromecast name)” would be awesome!


Foolishly updated firmware, before reading comments. Now cameras won’t connect. I’ve uplugged them, deleted software to reinstall which now Won’t reinstall. You started off so well, then too 100 steps backwards! I just purchased two new models from thankfully Amazon. Returning ASAP. Hope you get your problems resolved. I might return, but thankfully I have my Nest cameras as primary…???



YES. Please integrate with GOOGLE Home & Chromecast. Would make you so much more relevant to the home



Love my cameras, I’d love a Google Assistant & Chromecast update too!