Google Home/Assistant Integration

Good luck getting an answer out of them. They avoid the question like the plague.
What you’re looking to do can be done with IFTTT, though

Hey wyze, there’s a good portion of your user base out here feeling abandoned. It would be nice to get regular updates. If it’s not going to happen just tell us so we don’t keep bugging you and we can move on to another solution


It would be great to be able to use wyze inside if google home. Similar to how nest can video displays inside the app

Hey, sorry for my delay!

We have a code change in the works that fixes part of the stuff but not everything. We’re still working on this and apologize for the trouble. It’s part of why we didn’t list Google integration on Wyze Cam v3 yet.


I have Wyze doorbell and it does not work with google nest hub. Did not stream no notifications at all.

PLEASE ADD, Google hub and home mini speakers announcement into wyze intergation across google devices… Alexia has this security feature within your application . A MUST HAVE😀

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Exactly, they can definitely add this. If you have problems with streaming the doorbell whatever at least give us announcements when rang.

When I tell Google nest that I am leaving for the day it turns my cameras on however, when I tell it that I am home it tells me that mode is not available to turn my cameras off. I would like to be able to turn them off when I’m home with my voice command.

I would love to be able to control my Google Home smart devices directly from my new Wyze Watch. Also Apple HomeKit, though I don’t use that particular service myself.

It would be handy to have quick access to things like my lights and thermostat, even if they’re not Wyze branded products.

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Would it be possible to have simple integration with Google Home:

  • Having the possibility to add the Lock to a room.
  • Being able to Lock/Unlock the lock. (like a switch)
  • Having a simple notification for Lock/Unlock the lock.

In another iteration, you could had:

  • Being able to Lock/Unlock the lock with numbers in Google Home (like a keypad)
  • Being able to add actions to a routine. (like no notification if I sleep or notification if I’m away)

The basic is a real need for me.

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Seriously, this. It really sucks that the Wyze team is so heavily favoring Alexa over the other two