Google Home/Assistant Integration



Yes please!


+1 for Google Assistant support.
I would love to be able to ask Google Home to be able to view my Wyze Cams on my Chromecast. Then I wouldn’t have to use tinycam in order to cast to my TV.


I’d bet that configuring wyze to work with the google home hub would mean all “smart displays” because they have the same assistant interface. I’d also bet chromecast would be part of the same config since that’s how it’s getting to the hub (or lenovo etc)


Yes, that’s the idea and also my understanding that once the integration is done with Google Assistant that it would be set for all Chromnecast and Android devices.
The developer documentation of the Camera traits required for google Assistant states the following:
“This trait belongs to devices which have the capability to stream video feeds to third party screens, Chromecast-connected screens or an Android phone.”.
So we need to test it to make sure that the documentation meets the reality but we are pretty confident that it will work.


Hi you can add me also. I have hubs and Chromecasts and am waiting for this so I can order these cameras.


+1 Currently have four Wyze cams. This integration is the last thing I need to complete the Google smart home of my dreams.

<3 Wyze!


I do hope this integration will be sooner than later. Love wyzecam


So if I have wyze cams, pan cams, Google home hub, Google home minis, Android TVs, and a Lenovo smart display, where do I sign to be a tester? It’s great you guys are working on this feature!


Click this: #beta


I’ve heard rumors of Wyze cam chromecast integration. I already have google home and chromecast tied into HASSIO, and Wyze would be a great addition. Honestly waiting for this to add smart cam functionality.


The only think we can say for the moment is that we are looking at doing the integration but we don’t have anything that we can show or talk about for the moment. It’s one of the high priority items.
As soon as we have something more concrete, we will start communicating about it.


I just purchased two Google Home Hubs as well, i have 5 WyzeCam’s and plan on purchasing more. This integration would be amazing!!


+1 for Google Home/Assistant Integration please.


I have a fully Google house 4 castable screens - I almost didn’t pull the trigger but on Black Friday bought 3 v2 black cams and one Wyze Pan - ALL in faith that this integration would be coming soon - PLEASE make it happen! (if there is ANY chance of a beta or alpha that I can help to test please feel free to message me and I am happy to help :smiley::joy: ) ok but really though lol… hit me up!

Also SUPER interested in a doorbell to replace Ring! I really like what y’all are doing and am telling everyone about it :slight_smile:


Add me to the request tracker as a yes vote!!! This would be awesome. I have 1 Google Home Hmub, 2 Google Home Mini, 1 Google Home Max name one Google Home, love the way it integrated. I will buy a set of 3 Wyze Can V2 tomorrow.


+1, this is much needed,


There is no more request tracker. All you have to do is click the VOTE button at the top of this topic.


Would love to see this feature!


I have 10+ home automation devices. Except for WyzeCam, they all support Google Assistant/Home, i.e. I can use voice control to directly manage all of them inside one app. I believe if you provide support for Google Assistant/Home, you’ll make your device even more popular in the market and hold an edge over other competitors.


I agree, I’m eagerly awaiting this functionality as well. Let’s start with being able to Chromecast the camera feed to a TV!