Google Home/Assistant Integration


I hope it gets released when it’s ready and working, not rushed to meet an arbitrary deadline. :wink:


more importantly, I hope when it gets released it doesn’t become a “stagnant” feature…a simple “check the box” feature roll out with no improvements. Google Assistant integration is an essential part of my Wyze setup at Home. So hopefully as they continue rolling out products they will all be controllable by Google Assistant.


Hi @WyzeGwendolyn
I can’t find a way to send you a DM with my google id. It is the same email registered with this account.
Could you please add me to the beta testers?
Many Thanks!!


This is great news! I was about to give up my 2 cameras and switch to another manufacturer. I will be adding a 3rd Wyze cam once this actually works. This has been a long time coming. Thanks for all your hard work.

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They’ve stopped adding people to the beta as per @WyzeFrederik’s post. The feature should be out soon anyway. :crossed_fingers:

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We understand that patience is something that is easy to lose especially when you are repeatedly told that things are around the corner.

Today, I will ask for a little more patience. We have received some pretty good news and we are officially starting our launch activities which will lead to Google Assistant being available to the general public before the end of month.

I’m asking for your patience and understanding as we have officially closed the beta. What this means is:

1 - We are not going to add anyone new to the beta.
2 - We are adjusting our environment to production levels.
3 - Beta participants might lose the Google Assistant integration until we are done with the launch activities and they might have to redo the setup after launch.

Thank you again for your patience and sticking with us along this long road.


Cool, I’ve been holding out on buying one because of this. But my local Home Depot has the Wyze Cam 1080p plus 32GB SD card for $29.99, so I bought two! Will wait to take out of the box, since home depot has a 90 day return policy for unopened goods. Thanks for all your hard work!

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I also noticed that the packaging for the Wyze cams in Home Depot show support for Google Assistant already.


This feature is now working! Go to the Google Home app on your phone, select Add…Set up device…Have something already set up? and link your Wyze account. I was able to see the feed from my camera on my Home (Nest) Hub, Lenovo Smart Display, and Chromecast.


I see the Wyze Home integration in Google Home App but like the beta I could not finished linking my Google Account, always have the same a error at the end of the process.

I’m from Canada, is there a limitation or something or I need little more patience



Thanks! i just added my cameras… will be setting up motion sensor later … will it be available as well? and also bulbs? (ordered them today).


Just linked! Will be resting it out this evening!


can somebody and wise provide us with a list of commands or features that are available with the Google Assistant integration? I’ve tried such things like turn on motion detection in living room camera but Google doesn’t understand. is there somewhere I can go to find a list of the integrations that you got approved with Google?

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As far as I know, the only commands that Google supports for cameras are to start and stop the stream.


We haven’t officially launched it yet (it’s still in transition). We’ll provide support articles and such when we announce it. :slight_smile:



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You’re welcome!


How did you send it to Chromecast?


I hope it works well with Android phones and google chromecasts for google assistant


You can either have a default TV associated with a Home device or include it in the command:

“Show [Camera name] on [Chromecast device name]”