Google Home/Assistant Integration



Add one more to the list! Waiting patiently.


Please include me to this vote.


I currently have 7 Wyze cams at my home. I also have a Google home and 2 mini’s. I will be buying the Google home hub on Black Friday for $99. It sure would be nice to be able to view cams on it. Please work hard to do this.
I love these cameras. I ordered 3 for my brother, 3 for co-workers, and put in 2 at my church.
By the way, I haven’t seen any new “Tips on Tuesday” lately.


I’m hoping so too, the large screen and camera are a selling point for me. I heard that the Home Hub and Smart Displays use different technologies (Chromecast based vs Android Things based). Hopefully it will integrate with both.


Looks like they’re both running the same OS that Google “owns”, just different hardware.
I hope Google integration it high on the Wyze team’s list :grin:


It is high on the priority list. Very … high. :slight_smile:

Note that Chromecast and Home Hub are using the same display technology. So once the integration with Chromecast is done, Google Assistant should be able to show the camera on a hub device too. At least this is our understanding at this point. Further testing needs to be done obviously.


Thanks for chiming in! :slight_smile:


OMG. I am so excited for this!! Thank you Wyze Team! An incredible product and incredible support!


Ad me to the wishful for Google integration…


Please provide regular status updates on Google Assistant integration. WE NEED THIS.

Google Assistant?

I too am waiting for a Google update I will be happy to buy a lot of cameras but not until Google Assistant is integrated


I just picked up a Google Home Hub and would love to be able to pull up my feeds on it.


Hopefully the Lenovo Google Assistant will be able to view Wyze cameras too.


Is it still on the roadmap?

Status report?

Best regards


It is in the roadmap and you can follow the latest discussion by following this topic. We don’t have definite timelines yet since there’s a lot of things to investigate.


Can’t wait to see my Wyze cam on Google home hub.


I’m getting a Google Home Hub for my parents to try to make their lives easier. Getting them Wyze cameras is next on my list. If they worked together, even better.


Would it be possible to include the Lenovo Smart Display in the list of supported Google Assistant devices with screens (assuming that this is going to happen)?

I would appreciate not having to fork over $200 for a single Nest Cam that works with the Google Assistant (if you all know what I mean).

EDIT: Don’t know if I should create a new suggestion for this or not. If someone could let me know, please do.


@TheModdersDen… I think you’re good with the post here.


I know a lot of people are saying Google home hub but I would really think this could be opened up to chrome casts too. Perhaps that would be a different feature request?