Google Home/Assistant Integration



Add my vote as well. Just purchased 2 Wyze PanCams and would love to see them integrated with Google Home Hub


Please add my vote…this would be an awesome feature!!!


I added both.


I would like to vote for this as well!


I was just told that this is likely the next major integration to be done. It’s so popular it’s not being tracked anymore in the feature request tracker. So keep your fingers crossed for soon. As I’ve mentioned above, the way to see it first is to join the beta program.


Cool beans! Well done RickO! Thanks!


Yes Add my vote


Yes. I will keep my fingers crossed for Google Home integration. Can’t wait.


+1 on voting for his type of integration as well!


I’m also really looking forward to Google Assistant integration. I have a Google Home Hub and 4 cameras. Love both Wyze and Google Home.


Yes, please add Google Hub integration.


+1 on voting for his type of integration !


Can’t wait to use this feature in the future, +1 on that vote!


I am right there with all of you. I love my wyze cams and would likely buy a few more, but I would really like integration with my new home hub / aka display (Google Home term for the Home Hub).


Please get wyze working with google assistant, google home and chromecast. It will be a reason to buy more wyze.

Thanks ~ Doug Erickson

Can I see what the camara sees from chromeos?

Me too!

Wonderig if this guy (Lenovo Smart Display with Google Assistant) might get supported? $100 off at Best buy right now…


My vote here too! Would be great to use it with the new Google home hub!!


Me too!


Please!! That would be awesome!! In time for Christmas would be spectacular!!! :grinning:


Add my vote for this!