Google Home/Assistant Integration


I probably missed that survey!
As I am already part of beta should I not be automatically included?!

Apply for a beta within a beta is a little redundant no?! Otherwise what’s the point of being in the beta when you still need to apply for beta every time.

How can I be included in ALL beta programs ?! :stuck_out_tongue:


I have no affiliation with Wyze, but keep in mind that not everyone that uses Wyze also uses Google platform. (Alexa, apple). Even then, many Google users may only have speakers and no Chromecast or hub/display. So by opening up the beta to those who signed up through the survey makes sure that the participants are (1) interested (2) engaged in the process (3) have compatible equipment, and (4) expressly agree to only discuss within the beta area of forum/FB. They only had capability to a limited number of participants through Google, so makes complete sense to get the most out of it. Sorry you didn’t get in, but don’t blame Wyze. They’re working on making it available for all.

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Hi @WyzeFrederik I also never received the email from the beta program. I did fill out the survey, checked Spam folder, etc. Either way, looking forward to this going live for everyone!


Please please please make Wyze work with my Google Home!!! Is it still slated to come out this week?


March 31st is this weekend! Is this still a go?


Hi @matthite. As indicated by the tag on the topic, it is currently in “testing”, whereas it was formerly “in development”. It is very close, but please don’t hold Wyze to the March 31 date, as they want to make sure they release it when it’s ready for prime time. :slight_smile:


Same here with the almost 20 second delay. If I open the Wyze App I get the live stream, no delay.
I am using my Google Hub.

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Yes, please!


Awesome thank you


Please do.

Question how we know if we have been added? Is there/will be s signup process?


There was a survey that was issued about 2 weeks ago for the enrollment. We had to close the survey to start the process.


That is a little unfair in my honest opinion as i was not notified of such survey. You could have sent an email asking who wanted to join. A little frustrating. Even more I’m part of the beta for firmware and app.
Same thing for the google beta. And that survey in December
It seems im always missing those surveys. :confused:


We posted the survey in the Facebook Beta group and the beta section of the forum. We did not send an email as we have not collected email addresses.

We are thinking about opening the survey again but can’t guarantee just yet because of the workload this is generating on us.

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Thanks Fred


I don’t have facebook, why the group is in facebook and not here?


It’s in both places. We like to run the beta as much as possible on the forum and we try to keep everything on the forum but because Google Home was such a widespread feature, we posted in both location.

In the future, we will try to maintain the beta in the forum as much as possible.

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Great job BTW Wyze Team !!
The responsiveness to the user base is a very nice change…and I’m really digging the beta


Please check out the forum section here: #beta


March 30th is today! Still patiently waiting!


its in beta