Google Home/Assistant Integration


No audio is not a show stopper for me.

I’ll gladly test it.


Fine by me!!!


Video is my main purpose. So video only will be fine for now.
Audio will be awesome, but I don’t want to wait too long.


From my personal usage- audio is not a dealbreaker. I rarely use it, and don’t rely on it for anything. I’d be happy with just the video.

Just a question on the audio part tho- with the Google Home streaming, was this on just receiving the audio or did it include two way to be able to speak back through Google Home also? I just wonder if part of the issue includes two way audio, and perhaps it causes a conflict between listening in for Google commands and sending audio to the cam.


No audio is fine. Wasn’t gonna use that part anyway. Would be nice in the future but video only is great! Nice work guys!


I am 100% fine with the presented plan of releasing with video only and updating later with audio.


Release without audio is perfectly fine! Typically the audio is in the same general area anyways (ie. Checking in on the living room from the kitchen display). I can still hear whats going on without the audio coming from the kitchen display. Thanks @WyzeFrederik for all the work you are doing!


I am fine with video only for Google Assistant and then later working on the audio aspect. As others have mentioned already, video on the Google Hub is the main concern at the moment. Audio down the road is not a problem. It’s more important to stay on the ball and release the Google integration aspect in some capacity.


No audio is fine with me for now (especially in the beta) but if you are planning on releasing a production v1 with no audio I would suggest a watermark or something setting the expectation that there is no audio so you dont get inundated with questions or trouble tickets.

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+1 as well, Video feed for now would be awesome!


The issue is that we don’t have a place in the workflow to add the disclaimer so that would cost some latency to the experience. So While I understand the intent, I don’t think we can get it done in an efficient manner.

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A check box in the acknowledgement when the connect the Wyze account to Google maybe then!!! I just want to protect you guys from stupidity!!


I don’t think we have an opportunity for that. The enrollment is done through Google and we don’t have the ability to message or put an agreement of our own. But I will look into the opportunity to do so.


Ship it.
Oh, man I would love to have video playback on my Google Smart displays. When this happens I will definitely be adding more Wyze Cams to the collection. Don’t really care that much about audio.

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Why not send out an update announcement via email about the “BIG NEWS - Google Home/Assistant Integration LIVE” with the disclaimer about the audio? Just say that it’s coming soon.

Disclaimer or not… I can’t wait to say “Okay Google, show me the kitchen camera”, and it pops up on my Chromecast showing my wonderful wife making me a sandwich :stuck_out_tongue:


I don’t care about the audio as long as it works with google.

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I would say ship it. its like how do you eat an elephant?.. One bite at a time. Put a disclaimer if you can if not on your support form.

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Add me to the list of users who are fine without audio integration. :slight_smile:


Could you place a disclaimer in the Wyze camera app somewhere. Maybe a pop-up when you first open the app that states “If connecting to Google services, expect audio not to be available yet.”


No need for the profanity. My comment was referencing how @WyzeFrederik said Q1 just like in the Q&A and @ExpletivesCensored mistook it for Q3 instead…