Google Home/Assistant Integration



Good point.

I too have 2 Nvidia Shields hooked up to 2 Large screen TV’s. Best Android TV box, bar none.

I wrongly assumed it would be supported, as it has Google Assistant built-in…


Here another 2 Nvidia Shields Owner!! +1


yup… i can view the wyze came on my echo spot but why not on my lenovo google assistant! that would be cool.


For now give TinyCamPro a try on the Nvidia Shield TV. It works great!


I too am looking forward to this feature. plan to buy several camera’s when available.


I too can’t say how pleased I will be should Google home integration get off the ground successfully. I have limited mobility, the ability to use my voice to control devices makes things a great deal simpler. One of the difficulties with being an early adopter is things change rather quickly. With a Ring doorbell I am prevented from seeing that on the Lenovo Smart display as Amazon now owns them. ( an excellent product btw)
I now have to change to a Nest doorbell as Google bought them. Too bad there isn’t a standard but so it goes. Wyze looks very promising one they have the ability to interface with google home…


I can’t wait for Google Smart Display (HLS) support, this would be a game changer for how I use that product…and I would definitely buy more cams if this was supported. (and probably more smart displays)


i dumped my ring doorbell for the nest doorbell for the very fact that when someone rings my nest hello, it automatically displays on my lenovo smart display. i hate the infighting that google and amazon has. amazon has alexa and ring… google has its assistant and nest.


I think I am going to do the same as these two companies are short sighted. I don’t know if you are old enough to remember VHS vs Betamax, but the loser is the consumer. They managed to arrive at a standard for DVD and Blu-ray which made all kind of sense. Are there any shortcomings with your Nest Doorbell? I find ring is not always available or bogs down. My network is first class so it’s not me. I loved it at first but now it’s down to a 7 out of 10. My Nest thermostat V1, Smoke detector V2 and indoor web cam all work flawlessly.


so far i like my nest door bell. i think after a while i started to hate the ringtone that ring uses when someone rings the door… anyway, the nest’s subscription is slightly higher than ring but it records 24x7. i bought mine from costco which included 1 year free so we’ll see after the year how i feel about paying the higher fees. i also like the face recognition. so now when the mailman is at the door the google assistant tells me “the mailman is at the front door”

what sucks is i bought the ring security alarm system. i would have preferred nest but the cost of nest and the subscription is ridiculous.

like you said, look at the problems it causes me as a consumer having split systems and that only works with one or the other home assistant!


@WyzeGwendolyn I just found this message board and it’s awesome.

2 questions:

  1. can you confirm if it’s still on track for Q1?
  2. can you confirm that google assistant will work with existing Wyze cams currently on sale on Amazon? that we wont need a new hardware but an update will be pushed to the cams to enable it?



For #1, this was the official response from Wyze 12 days ago (in this thread).

For #2, as long as you buy the current official cameras from either the Wyze website or Amazon, they are supposed to work with a firmware update when the integration gets release publicly. Be careful not to purchase cameras from third-party scammers who have counterfeit products. If the price seems to good to be true, then it’s probably a scammer!


For those of you anxiously following this topic, you may want to check this out:


Hooray! I hope to be a beta tester.


DreadPirateRush said everything I was going to say. We’re about to open up for beta testing the integration so it SHOULD be Q1 as long as we don’t find release breakers. And it will work with Wyze Cam v2 and Wyze Cam Pan. :slight_smile:


We have a cost because we have to convert the format coming out of the camera into the format that Alexa and Google Home understand. This, therefore, carries a cost.
TinyCam is hacking their way by using the same protocol than the one coming out of the camera.


Does your relationship with Throughtek allow Wyze to release the Throughtek libraries as an SDK to allow other people to build applications that can talk to Wyze Cam directly?

The TInycam developer put a bunch of info online about how to replicate what he did, but he relies on a copy of the Throughtek libs that come from a questionable-looking random github repo that probably wasn’t intended as an official release of the libraries. That makes using those libraries a bit dicey for many people.


I don’t have access to the full detail of the agreement but I’m pretty sure it does not include the distribution of an SDK. If anything Throughtek should be the one releasing it instead of us.


Agreed… It would certainly be best if they’d release it. I actually attempted to ask them for it once over a year ago, but their first-line email responders don’t seem wild about talking to random people.

SInce you guys have a relationship with them (and if you are so inclined) it would be cool if you could suggest to them that releasing an SDK would encourage development of more software for all Throughtek-based cameras.


Any update when google home/assistant would be integrated?